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  1. Will this replace my REX TD4 w/Soft clouds. Currently im using REX TD4 w/soft clouds ONLY for Airport textures and Water Textures....EVERYTHING else in it is turned off. Im using SF3d in conjunction with REX TD4 but SF3d is used for my weather engine and for Clouds, rain, sun, sounds, etc. Will this Environment Force be the top dog which is the only Software that needs to be loaded up with P3d and is our new weather engine, cloud texture, water texture, airport texture, winds, rain, sound???
  2. This sounds awesome! cant wait. Just shooting for an idea....is this on track to be released in 2018 or 2019?
  3. hello, bought REX 4 texture direct w/soft clouds in Feb this year @‌ Flight sim store. I don't have a serial number as im trying to update my REX4 right now. my order #FSS0353597 for FSX thank you, chris
  4. Hi. Im terribly sorry. I had the wrong store all along. It was FlightSimStore not FSPilotShop. I found it......purchased on 12/13/2011 @ FlightSimStore..... REX FSX Order#FSS0140082 thanks again!
  5. Hi, I need help immediately. I'm getting frustrated. I posted yesterday. I purchased REX 2.0 last year 2012 and had a free upgrade to REX essentials winter 2012 downloaded from Fspilotshop. I logged on yesterday and my purchase is GONE/missing in my acct history. What do I need to do to get verified?? I already sent fspilotshop a support ticket and no response. I can't even retrieve a document that shows FSS or order #. I remember seeing it last year when I had the ESsentials free upgrade on my Acct history & now GONE! please help or guide the right direction please I'm clueless and $ well spent to be a waste I don't want. Thank u very much
  6. please add me to verified users. REX ordered from FSpilotShop. Product key is 61708229. version is 3.1.2012.1028. thank you
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