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  1. Ok thank u for the screenshots and info
  2. Well yes and no. I had to do a complete reinstall of P3d. I don't know what it was but Kjax is back to its default. When I removed the afcad I had installed , it still didn't return Kjax to default. I even did a hard search entire PC and there was no Kjax afad existing . anyways after I did a complete overhaul, its up and running …..but another problem. I went to Kjax and am using stock kjax. I installed theme from WWAHD and used the 01 textures across the board. How come Kjax looks like this??? nothing like what I had put into my theme, its showing awful black and dark gray textures . Also why are there no jetways? this is getting frustrating after only having the product for 2 days.
  3. Im sorry was I in the wrong area for posting my REX TD needs. Flightsimstore closed and I just need to redownload my product since installing REX worldwide airports few days ago, I accidently uninstalled it and I forgot to reinstall default textures. I had to reinstall P3d last night . since the reinstall of P3d , REX TD will not start up. unfortunately I didn't save the installer when It was sent by u guys awhile back. thanks
  4. Hi . Im trying to redownload my REX texture direct . I bought it at flightsimStore along time ago. here is my order number. This time I will save the installer on EXT HD. #FSS0353597 for FSX FlightsimStore REX Texture Direct w/soft clouds
  5. here is 2 pics of my scenery library in P3d. BTW....I don't have ORBX vector at all. Only purchased ORBX global and OpenLC plus some addon airports like KMRY, KSBA, NSTU, KGPI
  6. The ray smith afcad I had downloaded previously didn't use the stock terminal. He used the CVX file to remove the stock KSLC terminal and in his included BGL he had a KSLC terminal that what straight terminal and had colors red and light brown.
  7. All items in scenery library are Checked. Still have missing terminal at KJAX
  8. These pics are with KJAX stock airport afcad desktop PC Same pics again after I deleted the KJAX afcad and am using default P3d KJAX and am on desktop PC I have P3d on my laptop as well everything default on laptop. I installed REX WWAHD on my laptop as well and same thing with KJAX Here are pics.... I have ORBX FTX global installed both....I have NO VECTOR. looked into my ORBX/FTX_OLC/FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT/Scenery.....there is no KJAX file in there at all need help please....how can this be on default ?
  9. thank you rstough. Yea the afcad I had was a Ray Smith modified terminal afcad. I had to redownload a stock KSLC afcad to match the WWAHD KSLC. after I modified the airlines at the gates and loaded it up into P3d, the REX KSLC works now. Thank you! Now the tought part. I have to go through all my afcads….and the ones that I am using that the developer made his own Modifed terminal, I have to delete those and download new ones where they use the stock airport because WWAHD will not work if the afcad is using a modified terminal .
  10. Kjax terminal is distorted missing? there are gates standing there and double gates too. I HAVE NO other Kjax installed ANYWHERE on my system? what is causing this ?
  11. I bought this today. everything is simple and understood. I do understand the list of major airport that cant be modified with WWHD because it was built into the sim of P3d v4. Im bringing this up because I have over 300 afcads that have airline parking all up to date as of 2019. I uploaded your KSLC package. How come when I go to KSLC and my afcad for KSLC is in place , in my S:/Addon Scenery folder, the REX KSLC doesn't show up. I remove the afcad and KSLC shows up. how come I cant use my afcad parking when it says that afcads can be used???
  12. Its working now as of this morning. Weird
  13. See my thread I posted yesterday . Link here https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/51655-REX-mini-not-validated/
  14. Ok. So I’m not the only one. I have these 3 REX products I use. 1) REX textures direct w/ Soft Clouds.( I only use this product for the Airport Runway/taxi Textures ONLY! Everything inside it has been turned off I.e. water , clouds , sun, sounds , lightning etc) 2) REX skyforce 3D 3) REX Environment Force All products are updated. This is how I load up P3D v4.5 using these REX products. Tell me if I’m doin something wrong. 1) At desktop Pc turned on, I load up REX texture Direct via Admin right and then close it once it’s installed . 2) Load up P3D via Admin Rights . 3) Once I got my Aircraft , flight plan and at the gate loaded up, I minimize P3D to go back to desktop. 4) Load up Environment Force via Admin Rights, confirm it’s loaded and it is minimized to Desktop tray. 5) Load Skyforce3D via Admin rights, confirm ya loaded and it is minimized to desktop tray. About 2 min later Green Bar injects weather ....Done! Is this correct ? Or my sequence off? If my sequence is off , is that what’s creating the Validation fail? Thank u guys
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