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  1. Hi guys why is it when I create the textures I want they don't show up in fsx I tried the ethereal water but when I go over the water coming of of salt lake city the water is still light blue The shiny texture is there but no change why is that and has that been a problem with windows 8 64bit I do save the textures and then install them but the water does not change color thanks
  2. I nedd to know when I go to exe REX to install it ask me what folder do you want to install this too. I am quite confused is only showing c:/REX plus overdrive/ is that the right folder as I am running windows 8 64bit now that being said once its install I open open REX theres another place that ask when do I want to locate since I am running windows 8 64 bit do I put this in the programsX86 folder I am confused need some help. Thanks
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