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  1. Sounds good! Really hope you fixed the issue with the program being slow after having closed down the sim, plus having to manually turn on and off the weather engine, on first start, or else it'll just be in a "Disconnected" state rather than "Disabled".
  2. Sethos

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    REX - Sky Force 3D Order Number: FSS0566081
  3. Thanks for the updates guys, confidence slowly rising again
  4. Sethos

    REX Sky Force 3D

    And we still can't pry a little screenshot or two out of you guys?
  5. Another month? Good lord.
  6. Sethos

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Gone awfully quiet in here
  7. Sethos

    REX Sky Force 3D

    So, being this close, any media goodies for us in the next few days? A video, some screenshots, anything. We're desperate here
  8. Sethos

    REX Sky Force 3D

    God damn you guys are such teases
  9. Sethos

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    REX4 + REX Soft Clouds - #FSS0392176 (FlightSim Store) REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive - #FSS0197274 (FlightSim Store)