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  1. tropbuster

    Support Verification

    I just realized I only got verified for REX Essentials Overdrive and not Rex4 Texture direct so I didn't know if I need to do this for all products. PC Aviator Date: Mar 2, 2014 09:14:44 Order id: #123074 SKU: DL-REX4TDHD Product: REX 4 - Texture Direct HD
  2. thanks Reed, I had a feeling it probably was. I am looking forward to your new weather engine!
  3. I'm an ex weather specialist in the air force, and a weather buff in general, so i'm picky about sky conditions. When I see a thunderstorm that looks like this, it really kills the immersion for me. can someone please tell me how to get the most realistic cumulonimbus/thunderstorm clouds? when choosing themes and clouds they look really nice, but in the sim, not so much. Is this a REX4 issue or an Active Sky Next issue? *EDIT* it's not letting me upload a photo here. it says 1.89MB max but the photo is only 30k, so not sure the problem there. But basically it's showing me like 4 layers of very small cumulus on top of each other. Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. tropbuster

    Support Verification

    Hi Guys, please verify me. PC Aviator Order id: #95933 REX Essential Plus with Overdrive FSX