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  1. Well I replaced my FSX suneffect.cfg file with the P3Dv2 one and confirmed proper DX setting in REX4. This seems to have corrected the problem for me. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the update...Funny am I the only one having this issue? I have not seen many other support posts on this?
  3. Hi Tim I have made no alterations to the sun effects. The problem is happening in FSX with DX10 Preview enabled and using the DX10 fixer tool as shown in the screenshots at AVSIM. I also have P3DV2 and there is no issue with the sun on that sim.
  4. Hello After installing REX4 I have been getting a border around the sun in FSX. I have posted about this at AVSIM which includes some screenshots of the problem: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/430269-fsx-sun-issue/ Apparently I am missing a sunglow texture? Anybody else having this issue? How do I go about getting the missing texture file sunglow2.bmp??? Thanks John
  5. Hi Really enjoying the variety of texture selections available with REX4! I am however curious exactly where do all the various texture files get installed in FSX/P3Dv2? Do all the texture files for sky/clouds/water/waves/sun/airports etc get installed into the same place within the sim or are they distributed into various locations? How would I be able to see which files are generated by REX4 by using windows explorer?
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