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  1. Since a few days, not connected to any particular new software nor update, I get weather refreshment as usual but the map is no longer shown completely. It gives the impression that the map is divided in squares, with some squares completely normal but other squares empty and no map is visible. When I click the zoom, then I apparently come into such empty square. I then still see the weather radar with green/yellow/red indications but no map is visible. Using REX Essential Plus Overdrive on FSX, all updates installed, on W7. In antivirus I have excluded FSX and REX folders.
  2. I have re-installed, but no manuals nor pdf in C:/ ? Using info from above this topic, I have downloaded and do have now the user guide and the install pdf. Now I will have a look to it. Regards and thanks for the info.
  3. Note : I started this topic first at a wrong place, hence repeat it here : I bought REX Essential Plus Overdrive for FSX last year. After some start problems I felt happy with it. Recently, I saw the good news for the new REX4, hence I ordered and have it installed. And here are my questions : - No in formation on how to use this REX4 ? - I now have 13 GB of REX Essential and another 16 GB of REX 4 : what is the difference and how to combine both ? - Did I missed something on the application of REX Essential with REX4 ? So happy I was with REX Essential, so disappointed I am now after my purchase of REX4 and I had to delete it and continue with REX Essential ! Please help me and convince me that REX4 is indeed a must have !
  4. My pc for "flying" has no HDD but 2x SSD : one for FSX (name F:\) and one for my system W7 (name C:\). I have installed REX and SP1 according the manual in C:\. After installation I have deleted the download itself. REX works fine ! Now, the only REX folders I see are on my C:\ and I have 3. A REXEssentials of about 105 MB and containing cab files starting with a date, from April 2005 up to Oct2006. A REXMarketPlace of about 5 MB and containing one subfolder rexgs. And that huge REX Essential Plus Overdrive of about 21,5 GB and containing : Data, Error Log, ExeFiles, FlightPlans, Fonts, Help, Images, Javascript, Metar, MetarXML, Somconnect, Themes, Update, WxTheme and the set of cab files. I have backup from all these subfolders on a separate disk. Please let me know which subfolders I can delete in that 21.5 GB folder?
  5. I am running REX with SP1 and I am very satisfied and I want to maintain it. In my pc I have now a huge folder called REX Essential Plus Overdrive of about 21,5 GB. What can be deleted from that folder ? Example : I see several cab, can these be deleted once the installation has been done (as is my case) ?
  6. I see that I am member, Ihave registered, but I cannot open the FSX forum seems to be protected ? What should I do ?

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