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  1. I appreciate the support. Thank you
  2. Agreed. I use ENVshade and before this update, I’D turn off EF HdR and the screen would go black and HdR would be off. Now it stays on no matter if I turn it off or not.
  3. Greetings, After updating to the latest version, I am unable to turn off HDR. When I select HDR off, nothing happens with the latest update.
  4. Thank you for a revolutionary product, so far I'm happy with my purchase. I turned off HDR in EF and everything looks great. I do have one question. I am currently using ENVSHADE. I see that it's compatible. Is there anything I have to do in EF to get it to recognize the ENVSHADE?
  5. It looks like the issue was with the Icons. I went into the REX folder and clicked the EXE from there and loaded the textures and then the clouds appeared.
  6. yes, it looks like I have everything but Low level coulds. Please Advise
  7. Thank you for your Prompt reply. Low level clouds is selected. I just made a new set of texture selections. I am testing now
  8. Greetings Good folks of REX, I updated to Prepar 3.2 and I installed the lastest REX texture Direct update hotfix however I still have only high level clouds. All other Textures install just fine I am seemingly only missing the Low level clouds. Any Advice? Thanks Gentleman
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