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  1. Hi, Please can you advise please. I have installed your three Natural ENBPlus files into my Flight Simulator X folder, (fSX Acc, Win7, REX4 + Clouds, NVidea 7800) and find that when I switch display modes in FSX eg Full Screen to Windowed mode, I have to turn ENB back on again each time. Is this normal behaviour in FSX and is there a work around to fix ENB on, once the flight is loaded and ENB is set with F12 please? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  2. Hi, Request Support please. Ordered and downloaded REX Extreme + Overdrive from simMarket order number 983099 15/03/13 Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  3. Please can someone advise. I am registered on this forum site and can sSign In and acess my profile. I have a 'BEX crash' problem when running REX and seek advice from the FSX forum, but when I try to enter it I am told that I do not have access. I have a registered copy of REX which I bought through SIM Market so cant see why I cannot access REX FSX Support Forum? Can anyone advise please? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
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