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  1. Hello, yes, I think I'm sorted thank you. best wishes Andrew
  2. That's the one! I'm sorted. Many thanks fsafranek - you made my day. Much appreciated. Andrew
  3. UPDATE I have installed WX ADVANTAGE RADAR – UPDATE 2 (1.0.2016.0621) I copied from C:\WX Advantage Radar\files\P3Dv33 and pasted into the gauge folder in my C:\P3D folder Then clicked on the MV_WX.dll in my P3D gauges folder and checked the Details tab->File description. It says for P3D v3.3.5.17625 I still get the error message " MV_WX..dll incompatible with this simulator" on starting P3D Andrew
  4. Hello, I'm getting an error message when I load an aircraft with the WX Advantage Radar. It says " MV_WX.dll incompatable with this simulator" I'm using P3D v3.4.22.19868 on Windows 10 64 BIT and the Flysimware Learjet 35A. I have right clicked on the MV_WX.dll in my P3D gauges folder and checked the Details tab->File description. It says for P3D v3.2.3.16769 How do i obtain a copy for or otherwise fix this problem please? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  5. Hi This is resolved and closed with your help. Many thanks Andrew
  6. Many thanks, I didn't notice that was a viable route to solve my problem. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Have done that and its worked fine. I'm all integrated now and i know where to find my SC key too! - many thanks. Should I uninstall the stand alone SC version? Andrew
  7. Sadly not. Incredibly, I can't locate where I purchased Soft Clouds from and therefor can't obtain the access key for use when upgrading to Rex4 with Soft Clouds combined. It's not the end of the world I guess, but it means I have to launch both rather long windedly every time I fly, which is a bit frustrating when I know an integrated version exists. It seem incredible that I can't locate the purchase source of Soft Clouds. As I said above, I purchased it immediately on release in December 2014 - but from where !? I think it was as a result of a release announcement on AirDailyX back then. I have contemplated re-purchasing Soft Clouds, as its not a significant cost, but it seems ridiculous to purchase the stand alone product again and then have to go through a conversion process. It would be much better, if it was possible, to purchase the intended fully integrated REX4 with Soft Clouds set, at the cost of Soft Clouds, on production of my Rex4 licence key (which I'm relieved to say I do have), but that product option doesn't seem to exist anywhere. i.e I'm a customer who has REX4, I want to add Soft Clouds, so I purchase the Integrated version and enter my REX4 key during the purchase to obtain the discount. Seems it doesn't exist - if it did, that's what I would do to solve my problem with a little expense, but not much fuss. Thanks for checking back with me. Andrew
  8. This is a very odd situation! I remember that I purchased it, with much excitement, immediately it was released in Dec 2014. It appears to be working fine, but I cannot locate the supplier. My account at FS Pilot shop shows nothing of Soft Clouds. I cant find anything in my emails regarding an activation code at that time either. WAs there a trial version? Is there any other way of checking its validity - it must be valid since its working fine!? If by chance I bought it with payment via PayPal, it may be under the email info@englishoakvineyard.com (or .co.uk), but that's a long shot... If i can't locate the key, i guess I'll have to purchase it again! How do i get an integrated REX4 with integrated Soft Clouds, given I at least have a REX4 serial key please?. Thanks in anticipation Andrew.
  9. Hello, I emailed you some days ago to request advice as to how i can integrate my Rex4 with Soft Clouds. I purchased the two products separately, but I now see that it is possible to merge them into one executable. I cannot find a route/instructions to do this? I have an additional problem in that regard. I cannot locate the store from where I purchased Soft Clouds. I have visited my account at all of the named suppliers on your website, but cant find a record of purchase at any of them. I purchased Soft Clouds immediately it was released and have been using it successfully for some time. I purchased Rex4 from SimMarket. From my email address, are you able to suggest the store where I may have purchased it please, by checking for that information a on your records? Is that possible? i will then be able to go to that store, locate the purchase record and serial key that i will no doubt need during the integration process mentioned above. Your kind assistance is much appreciated. Andrew Pharoah am.pharoah@btopenworld.com
  10. Similar question please. I have REX 4 and now have Soft Clouds. Assuming you answer above is that they work together, then Both offer an auto launch of FSX after choosing a theme. If I want to set Soft Clouds AND my textures theme in Rex4, please advise the correct start up sequence.... i.e. Do I set my preference in Soft Clouds but cancel the Fly Now banner and then launch REX 4 and OK the FlyNow banner in there on selecting my preferred profile to get the benefit of both, or is the correct startup sequence the other way around to achieve the benefit of both or what please? The Soft Clouds manual does not seem to assist Rex4 users with this. Many thanks Andrew
  11. Wow! Much better! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Case Closed.
  12. Hi, It looks like this: And lower down like this:
  13. Hi I have REX4 Texture Direct installed on Win 7 PC plus FSX. I use Active Sky Next for weather. When I load a default fsx Trike flight the water color is an unrealistic light blue with no active wave pattern visible. It feels like the default FSX offering. I have been back and forward, changing the water texture options in the profiles, install, but this has no effect, just get the same lifeless light blue slab. Previously used REX Essential plus Overdrive and had much more realistic water textures which were changeable as required. It seems that having switched to Rex4, something has gone wrong with the water texture depiction. I have un-installed and re-installede Rx4 and of course loaded SP1, 2 & 3. No better. What am I doing wrong please? This can't be what REX4 is supposed to do? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  14. Hello, A quick update. Realized I was in fact not using Winzip as I had thought but I guess some default Windows 7 unzip utility. Downloaded Winzip and it worked fine. Moved on to user guide Sorry to bother you Festive wishes Andrew
  15. Hello, I'm having exactly the same problem - installer won't open and run. My folder (downloaded from simMarket Server 5 using Google Chrome) and the extracted 'rextexturedirect' using winzip, looks exactly like the image DAL's supplied in his thread on this subject. When I right click on the setup Application and Run As Administrator, nothing happens. Repeated the download and got same result. Repeated using Server 6 and got the same result. I downloaded FlashGet as suggested in your installation guide and got some larger file sizes in some of the content in the resulting unzipped 'rextexturedirect' folder. However when I try to use 'Run', it simply does nothing and windows says its not responding? GetRight insists on charging me before it will download the file from simMarket. Assistance please........ Download install isn't working for me. Please can someone send me the product on CD. I am happy to provide my simMarket code for verification etc if requested by email direct to a support person, as doubtless you don't want it posted here! Otherwise, how to I get a refund please? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
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