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  1. please ignore my question as this is for WA, don't have that lol! ooooooops!
  2. one question if I may, why doesn't REX set this up itself if we request foggy conditions, its surely part of a the weather engine isn't it?
  3. Thanks for the update, i havent moved over yet to v3 as im waiting a free weeks till developers catch up. Thanks for your reply :-D
  4. But he also says wait till developers have an update :-D
  5. Just wondering when P3D v3 comes out (30th September) will there be an update in the pipe line?? Also id like to just say a very big well done from the sim comuntity for you update on Soft clouds &texture direct..................awesome job there!
  6. Think id be tapping in my alternates bearings in and quick lol
  7. I got it :-) one issue though is ive seen that 1.17 is glitch, but I don't seem to get ezdoc working during instant replay, just wondering if you do and what version your using?
  8. Thanks Ebo, this is why im thinking of making the jump to P3D as it has the capacity to use the pc's power and at least it will be supported unlike FSX and Microsoft
  9. My FPS can drop to below 10 on FSX (boxed version), so had anyone some advice on what I can do
  10. How much better is it compared to FSX? Plus I am confused on the licence to buy as none really cover the simmer for fun?
  11. Anyone know if the stream edition is worth buying if I have the original boxed version? I hear its faster (frame rates and less glitch), but is it? Or should I go all out for P3Dv2?? Ive put this in the wrong place :-( sorry
  12. ok mate, many thanks for your advise! I will buy it now as I really think the head movement makes it look much much more realistic
  13. It looks great, would you say its worth the money?
  14. Thanks, i'll have a look at that :-)
  15. Ive been looking at peoples videos and wondering how they get these wonderful wing views like >>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejKfRNW5j50 Is this a post video edit or can you access this at anytime during a flight? Thanks for any help
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