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  1. Hello REX team, I am aware that there has been a hotfix release to fix the HDR lighting issue, but oddly I have had this issue across my whole computer settings since I downloaded and installed EF. I have had some strange lighting issues even when starting up the PC, I get the Windows front screen and then a slight micro pause and then it looks like a filter is being applied i.e. like EF is acting on the PC without the program running. Has EF changed something in the back end of the system that maybe causing this as it happened after EF install??
  2. All sorted, I re-downloaded it and they seem to have updated the original downloads to the enhanced version's, so all working well now. So feel free to close the ticket
  3. ok thanks, but what about the soft clouds?? will I have to update that so its TD/SC and then do the update to the enhanced version
  4. Firstly thanks for the free update from the original. I made a huge error while updating by not clicking the original TD folder, I went to retry and do it properly and it still goes the folder I accidently clicked in the first place. I have tried deleting it many times but it still re-loads to the wrong place and doesn't give the option to re-click the right folder. What am I doing wrong, is there something extra I need to delete somewhere or i'm guessing I might need to re-download the whole program again, I looked in my FlighSim Store account and it will only let me download the original version, so I'm not sure if that's an issue on their side for not updating the account to allow us to have the new version for free. Many thanks
  5. I know you said that there isn't any improvement in the system, so I'm not sure whats happened but from what I have seen its really taken Texture Direst to the next in visuals. Well done to you all
  6. I've been spending time recently updating my system to windows 10 and thankfully it seems to have fixed this issue during the install by itself. Im sorry i cant tell you what fixed the issue as i dont know myself, but id hazard a guess that its a 8.1 problem or an update that isnt in windows 10 Thanks for you help :-)
  7. Many thanks for that, but due to me being in the UK it could be very hard to connect with you rstough, hopefully I can get logged on at them times and catch you. Is there anyway to do it via e-mail?
  8. I've run that file a few times and as I said, it runs to about 25% of the load bar and then disappears. One again I run your tool and it still has the same error coming up
  9. Im taking a guess here, but im guessing this is the simconnect.msi file you mean?! I have run this and during its installation it gets about 25% of the way up the load bar and then disappears
  10. yep both run through the wall :-D
  11. updated signature with information, but swapping to windows 10 later (this could be scary)
  12. I tried running the installer manually but it doesn't change anything, that's why I thought id give the tool from REX to see if there was a an issue going on
  13. Ive had to have my pc rebuilt and after this it seems my weather is playing about, so I have been following a thread ( http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/35206-essentials-plus-no-weather-engine/) and it said about running one of your tools to see if there is an issue. So I ran this and it came back with Any idea of what that issue is?? Many thanks
  14. ok I shall monitor it and see if it settles down cos im not paying you to fly over to my house and pick it up :D or is that part of any guarantee with REX??? lol!
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