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  1. I was thinking, REX has a really nice daytime sky, and a really nicely dark night time, but what about a realistic night time sky? Not just in terms of darkness, but in what you see in the night sky, in places where it is REALLY dark, like a milky way, or stars that are the real colors, not just white points of light. would that be possible?
  2. I was curious if there was say a forest fire in Cali, I know the fire itself wouldn't be generated, but would the visibility be changed as a result?
  3. How's the best way of getting a decent overcast in REX?
  4. Lets say I want to fly from point a to point b, but I want a foggy day out for the whole flight, or some other theme that it doesnt happen to be doing at the moment in real life, can I do the theme along the flight route?
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