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  1. I will try the steps as advised. Many thanks for your prompt support. Asif
  2. I have recently installed REX Essential Plus with O/D, and I just love it. Thanks for the wonderful product. 1) I am wondering if there is a way to display the Weather Engine window (RexWX map) while running FSX in full screen mode in a single PC/multi-monitor setup. I need to always run the FSX in full screen mode (this is how it is all setup), so switching on/off the windowed mode is not an option. I understand the application runs externally, but I am looking to find a way to overcome the problem as I would love to keep an eye on this during the flight. 2) Is there a simple way I can manually setup a particular weather scenario (e.g. clear sky or thunderstorm with lightning/thunder effects). 3) How can I increase the smoothing effect on the environment when real weather is updated. In my current REX setup, the change is sudden and, at times, dramatic. Thanks in advance for your help. Asif
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