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  1. Ok, looks like another case of end user stuck in the middle again ... https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/175960-any-conflicts-with-hd-buildings-and-REX-5-hd-airports/?tab=comments#comment-1539086 Hopefully REX and ORBX can work together to resolve ... it's these types of conflicts that tend to push users away from Flight Simulation ... overall it's not good for anyone to leave unattended. Cheers, Rob.
  2. Thanks for responses, I'll hold off on installing REX 5 HD Airport until full investigation. Do HD Airports use the P3D Add-On approach or are the files just being overwritten and/or amended? I was waiting for Orbx to release FTX Central 4 that uses the P3D Add-On method, but unfortunately it seems FTX Central 4 has been delayed so the possibility of conflicts is still present (hence my question). Cheers, Rob.
  3. Hi Tim, Kevin C. says "yes, this should be possible" for airport buildings. Adam responded privately also, he said they haven't updated the default airport buildings for PBR (honestly don't expect them to since this is a good project for content providers) which implies it could be done. So combination of answers and I'm think airport buildings should support PBR. It would be a nice project since many of the default buildings are often Metalic in nature so there could be some nice PBR shine coming from them, not to mention pump in texture quality so they look less circa 2000 tech. I've had the opportunity to test out lots of other new PBR products in the works for P3D V4.4 and they do look "life like" especially on a nice sunny day. I know Orbx (public knowledge) are working on a new set of Autogen building but not sure if they are going to make them PBR, no mention of it in their posted information. Cheers, Rob.
  4. I'll double check, but it would see odd to have PBR support for AG buildings but not airports ... as far as I know the only textures not supported in v4.x are terrain tiles. Cheers, Rob.
  5. Support is there for it in V4.4 ... I believe AG trees have no "current" PBR supported in V4.4. But AG buildings, scenery buildings, etc. have support for PBR. Cheers, Rob.
  6. Would love to see all the default world wide airports updated to PBR material, is this on the radar for a future update or new product version? Cheers, Rob.
  7. Add me to the curious list. Really enjoy having that WX Weather Radar in P3D V3, last missing element of V4 ... with some of the wild climate change weather going on it makes it an essential tool for flight these days. Cheers, Rob.
  8. Thanks for supporting P3D Reed, looking forward to the WX udpate ... BTW, really enjoy the work you did with WAHD. Before WAHD I used to fly A to B airports where A and B were 3rd party add-on airports, now I find myself flying to just about any airport because of WAHD. Cheers, Rob.
  9. Sounds good, will key an eye out for it. Cheers, Rob.
  10. Hi All, Is there a aircraft vendor compatibility list indicating which aircraft support the weather radar integration into the VC (including planned future aircraft updates to support WX)? Cheers, Rob.
  11. No questions, issue resolved, thank you. Cheers, Rob.
  12. I'm doing a new clean install of REX 4 TD and stand alone REX Soft Clouds. I was not able to integrate "Soft clouds into REX 4" using linked download provided in another thread. I had installed the latest REX TD SP5 full installer I downloaded from flightsim store and then applied the SP5 HotFix 1 to REX 4 TD. The soft clouds integration setup.exe is giving me the exact same issue as Mike in this thread: Requires version 4.03... Unfortunately this thread is closed and marked as "resolved" yet the resolution was a private discussion, seems a little odd to post a resolution that was done privately? Is it possible I could be made aware of how I can resolve this issues? Cheers, Rob.
  13. Thanks Tim, much appreciated! Enjoy using REX textures. Cheers, Rob.
  14. I disabled ASN's 7/8 broken setting to reduce the repetition. "Popcorn" clouds do exist in the real world BTW ... google search "popcorn clouds" you'll find plenty of real world examples and they are indeed all lined up in some cases. Just be aware if you modify the cloud.fx to increase cloud size it will impact performance ... even more so if you run SGSS AA via NI. Personally I like a setting of 1.0 on a visual perspective, but it's really hard on performance when you have overcast so I say with 0.5. But as I understand it, the weather engine is responsible for placement and the "randomness" can be controlled (to some degree) by setting uneven base and heights using numbers like 3212 base to 5903 height ... I thought the randomize used those values as seeds? But feel free to correct me ... could be way off on this. Cheers, Rob.
  15. Hey all, Is there any method in which I can install just certain classes of textures ... for example if I want to keep my exist Cloud Textures, but I'd like to install REX lights and runways but leave my default clouds and sky textures untouched? Cheers, Rob.
  16. Thanks for the update Tim/Reed ... so based on current info we're looking at sometime July? I just keep thinking of the possibilities ... for training purposes this will be a MUST have for me. But on the entertainment side I'm gonna guess we'll come up with some pretty amazing visuals!! Looking forward to this. Cheers, Rob.
  17. It's 3 months later so I figure it's fair to ask again ... any ETA Tim? I'm really excited about this product (at all levels from entertainment to professional). If I may be as bold as to ask -- Are you folks waiting for P3D V2.3 to be released? Cheers, Rob.
  18. No worries Reed ... looking forward to your next project. Cheers, Rob.
  19. I was fortunate that I saved my selections in a Excel spreadsheet so I could re-create (I get asked frequently what sets I use) ... but this might be worth looking into if it is not "by design". Cheers, Rob.
  20. Hey all, After updating to SP2 (version number 4.2.2014.0520) I no longer have any of my saved themes? Is this expected behavior? Thanks, Rob.
  21. Under the weather tab, if I enter any of those three ICAO and click the Submit button, nothing happens. As a test I entered KSFO and hit Submit and the correct weather was reported. Any suggestions? Thanks, Rob. EDIT: USDK should read USMQ
  22. Well it appears that in order to remove the very very thick haze layer (even at FL331 it was like flying in fog) I have to turn OFF Volumetric Fog ... turning off "realistic visibility" in REX OD alone isn't enough. The odd thing about turning off Volumetric Fog in P3DV2 is that it produces white squares around certainly objects/lights ... so I have to keep Volumetric Fog on. A quick check with LM forums and this appears to be a known issue.
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