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  1. In the REX Store (not the forums), when I click on Reset password and enter my email address, I don't receive a Reset Password email? I verified my email is valid/exists but trying to Create an Account using the same email address and got an expected error saying account with that email already exists. Checked my junk folders and allowed over 24 hours to pass, still no reset password email when using the Store. Cheers, Rob.
  2. MS rarely do anything "original" ... they capitalize on business opportunities, expand and sell (this is not bad thing) ... remember MS sold DTG the entertainment rights for FSW while knowing they were working on their own product that would be in direct competition to FSW ... harsh, but it's just business. And yes, all hail Bruce, but he didn't do it alone and the BGL format is no longer as "efficient" nor as "protected" as it used to be, so it's likely the BGL format will evolve into something else making a lot of existing content incompatible. I would think texture support will now include BC6H/BC7 which is the preferred format for DX11/12 API which is currently not supported in an ESP/FSX platform and I'm hoping textured content will be provided some means of built in anti-theft (native file encryption/decryption support). Time will tell, hopefully we will know more in August. Cheers, Rob.
  3. Уважаемый

  4. Problem appears to be solved with the following: 1. Don't use Wave Animation = Latitude [OD] 2. LOD_RADIUS=8.500000 3. AffinityMask=4080 4. TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048 Running REX OD SP1 RTM. Tried many different AffinityMask variants and 4080 seemed to provide the best experience and highest frame rates with no stutters. But as I suspected, HT ON works better with this i7 3960X. Thanks for all the contributions. Rob.
  5. Thanks for the responses gents. I understand 9.5 is extreme, but I didn't have any problems at LOD 9.5 & 4096 textures until I recently installed the REX update. The REX update is the only "change" in my system. I'll trying changing the texture sets I've selected and move to lower res clouds and see if that prevents this problem ... my hunch (and that's all it is) is that there is some mal-formed or problematic textures file causing this. Sadly I didn't keep a file compare set prior to installing REX update so I can't see what might have changed. If someone has a before and after file compare of REX OD highlighting any changes in textures files, that might be a big help for me to test out my hunch? Also, it is key to note that I don't just get "some low quality textures", ALL my photo-scenery land and aircraft textures become very low quality as soon as clouds are injected by the REX weather engine. Also, important to note that the REX HD clouds retain their quality while everything else turns to low quality. The area I'm flying over is Hawaii with photo-real scenery. I will try your suggestions and see if that makes a difference. I posted the same question over at AVSIM and there is another REX user that is having the EXACT same problem after updating to the latest version of REX. What has me really stumped is that my FSX settings worked fine pre-REX update (which is the only variable in my system). I am running NVidia Inspector (but I have been for sometime, nothing has changed with it). Also have been using NVidia 314.07 drivers. The card is an NVidia GTX 680 4GB (I actually have a Titan 6GB sitting in a box that I haven't installed yet due to other application considerations not related to FSX). Cheers, Rob.
  6. I was flying around Hawaii with textures at 4096 (both REX and FSX). I delayed the injection of weather and started my Hawaii flight with clear skies and very nice scenery quality ... all good. As soon as weather injects and my clear sky becomes partially cloudy, my scenery texture quality drops as well as the exterior texture quality of my aircraft (in this case it was FSX Default Baron)? This is the same flight before weather injection started: I have powerful PC (3960X + very fast SSD + 680GTX + 32GB RAM). I've tried various FSX.CFG settings to try to deal with this including a fiber frame at 0.99 (gives the CPU much more priority to loading textures). I'm running the latest version of REX recently released and I wasn't running into this problem prior to the REX update. If I pause FSX and wait about 1 minute the scenery and aircraft textures will eventually load and return to a high quality state and I can keep flying. However, if I change views, I'll be back to low quality textures and have to wait another 1 minute for FSX to load the higher quality textures. Please note, I'm not running into any memory issues at all (running process explorer shows I'm still a good 1GB below OOM threshold). Does anyone have any solution to this? I'm running DX10 mode (LOD = 9.5) and have tried various FSX.CFG settings, but if anyone has some additional things to try, please let me know. Thanks, Rob.
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