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  1. peritajejeje


    please work on this i know you guys wont regret it it will be the most paid addon for every flight simulator this is what we need dont give up!
  2. peritajejeje

    RESOLVED Has SimAir been cancelled?

    please make it happen will pay top dollar for it i beg youuuuuu
  3. peritajejeje

    Support Verification

    Hi Tim, thanks for your fast reply, ive been through steam and managed to get my fsx bundle steam id which include REX textures hope this works trans ID: 443975967565951900
  4. peritajejeje

    Support Verification

    hi can i get verified for steam version of REX 4 direct with soft clouds? i really dont have a serial number but i logged in through steam here you might be able to see it.
  5. peritajejeje

    Support Verification

    I am really sorry im just new at this i think this is my order number i will be pleased if you can give me a hand with this.Thanks Order #FSS0138312
  6. peritajejeje

    Support Verification

    hi! my order number is \ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bought it on flight sim store please let me be verified EDITED BY ADMIN: That is NOT your user number, that was your serial number. Do NOT ever post that in a public forum. Please post your ORDER number, not serial number.