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  1. I am notifying you of the fix you proposed in the now closed topic, "Popup of the WX Advantage Radar", using CCleaner Worked.... This is a scary program to use, and I did a system restore point and a backup of my registry before use. I noticed many instances where the linkages in the HiFi area were compromised. The use of the CCleaner tool enabled the Wx Radar popup view in the Phenom 300 instantly. My apologies for the late reply, and you can close this topic in the Solved area.
  2. If you look just above your post, you will notice 'timest999 mentioned looking at the Phenom and reporting back...I never saw a reply. I presumed he was going to see how it WX Radar loaded when he had the Phenom loaded? Maybe when the GTN750 is installed, it hides the a/c from further searches by WX Radar?
  3. Exactly. It is like the application can not see the Phenom aircraft. When I select the blue link text, it takes me to the last use of the management tool. Because nothing happens, subsequent uses of the tool remembers the previous aircraft location I selected, and takes me one more step into the folder so that the model, panel and textures are now showing. As a further test of the tool, I did select one of the base aircraft, Beech King Air 350. This behaves perfectly as the manual describes. Subsequent sweeps does not show the Beech 350, because the gauge is fitted....So the tool does work...most of the time. As a further test of the tool, I tried the Edit and Remove function, but these also do not see the Phenom.
  4. Thanks for the reply Pingu. I do not know where to find or or how to action the 'Microsoft Librairies setup wizard. In my case, the installation goes ok until page 12, step 5. When I click the blue writing to locate the folder (I would have hoped the description of "the folder" be a tad better described) , I go to P3D>SimObjects>Airplanes>Carenado EMB505_Phenom 300, I then push the button 'Select Folder', then nothing happens. Maybe because the GTN750 was fitted, some how the config got a little confused. No worries, Active Sky for P3Dv4 provides a map showing weather during the flight, I will use this.
  5. I have recently installed the Carenado Phenom 300 into my P3Dv4 machine. I have the GTN750 installed and it all works great...but for the need of a weather radar. When I try and install the WX gauge, the install procedure provides access to the Phenom 300 in the P3D structure, but when I select this folder, it does not bring it back to the install procedure... Is there a way I can install the WX Radar as a pop up, as it seems not possible to fit the radar into the dash?
  6. Thanks Galen, I will do that today.
  7. Interestingly, The simMarket site has a READMEFIRST.PDF on the download area against the 'REX - REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD FSX P3D' download which says the download area is not working etc...I tried the download and it worked great....Maybe they are trying to reduce the traffic?? As you can see by my post, my download speed was about 2.9MB/sec. For Australia, very good.
  8. Saw where you have the update for WX Advantage radar for P3D4.3. Ummm. Part of the install is to completely remove the previous version, prior to the new install.. My lic shows I still have 4.2 version, so obviously not used WX Advantage radar since update to P3Dv4.3...anyway...Does this mean when I uninstall 4.2 version, and reinstall 4.3 version, I have to go through the entire installation issues getting it installed for the aircraft? I presume I can use the update from REX, rather than the full install from FSS?
  9. Downloading now from Simmarket at 2.9MB/sec...amazing speed for Australia....I almost started a download with REX, then thought the same as above comments, as this will need to be a full install, I need full download. I only have P3Dv4.3 on my new machine. EDIT: Install went well with no issues.
  10. Hi David, Yes, it was the update for 4.2. When I carried out the update, It started ok, but stopped before completion and came out with a message saying error and I needed to talk to REX...I also noticed then that WX Advantage Radar was no longer showing as installed, and I was therefore unable to uninstall. So, I re downloaded the update again, placed it into a new folder and installed it again with no issues. Checked the various a/c and all seems to work ok. I then went back to the original load folder and manually removed the other non working version files etc. My installation now shows 1.12018. 0317 loaded. So, all is well.
  11. Hi, I am about to update WX radar, and saw the update, but a little confused as to the process. You mention, "During the installation process, the installation wizard should automatically locate the original files to be updated. If you change this path or it is not able to find the correct path, please manually browse to the correct location." But when I look at the update instructions in the text, it says STEP 1 – Please uninstall all previous versions you have installed. So, which is it? do we simply let the update program find the old files and overwrite the old version, or do we have to remove the old version first and do a total clean install?
  12. Hi Reed, Thanks for your patience while sorting this out. It is now sorted and the topic closed. My main FSX had died. And as I only have FSX-SE on my general machine now, I conducted tests on it, thinking it pretty well has the same code and scenery etc as the standard FSX. Anyway, It all tested well. By this I mean: started FSX, loaded YBTL and looked at the military hangers, as expected, they were standard gable roof buildings. Shut down FSX, loaded the YBTL BGL file into the addon scenery/scenery. Started FSX, loaded YBTL, and the military style open hangers replaced the gable roof buildings. I now loaded REX WWA and made sure that the three types of hangers, as well as everything else were configured. Started up FSX, loaded YBTL, and.............The open military hangers were still there, and the airport buildings were updated as per the rest of the REX WWA themes. See the two pictures below. Proving that REX WWA when loaded, ignores addon airports, or, when it loads stock airports, it loads the WWA modified textures to all buildings, other than the buildings part of an active BGL file for that airport. I have just removed my venerable FSX and machine, after many many years service. Due to lots of addons and many tweaks to keep it running, and no FSX rebuild in the last 5 years, I suspect some how the code was compromised, as certain services did not run correctly, and it was generally unstable. So, I think when I loaded REX WWA onto it, it was not a true and correct test of your FSX and your code. Sitting in my workshop to be unpacked, is a bran spanking new Flight Sim machine and only P3Dv4 to be loaded. When you announce your Hotfix for WWA P3Dv4, I will obtain it and then load REX WWA onto my P3D machine. Those aircraft, scenery and services, that developers provided with dual FSX/P3D that I own, will be loaded when they are P3Dv4 ready. All my other FSX aircraft will now be relegated to my steam account, as too expensive to replace..
  13. Hi Reed, Please keep the issue open for another week. By this time I will have completed my trials. I ran a simple test tonight. Is what I did find is when I loaded YBTL BGL file out of my FSX machine onto my steam FSX machine, ( REXWWA is not currently loaded), the revised airport hangers for the military were there straight away. I suspect when I load REX WWA into my steam FSX machine, it will overwite my BGL files. Anyway, I plan on loading REXWWA tomorrow and I will show you my findings Thursday or Friday.
  14. Hi Dreamer, sorry for late reply, I have been away for three weeks and just returned today. Thanks for the advice. How does the free Gmax compare to ADE from flight sim developer? I have never used Gmax. is it similar to ADE, in that you download the stock airport, decompile and then create and place the object, then recompile again and place the relevant BGL file in the addon scenery/scenery folder?
  15. Hi Reed, Thanks for the reply. Because I have been in japan for the last three weeks, and still not got my new flight sim machine built, I have been unable to complete the testing of REX WW. If you want, you can close the issue and I can carry out the testing when I get my FS machine back some time middle to late June, and then if necessary, open a new issue.
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