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  1. Thank you, that worked. I allowed my anti-virus to pause for 5 min. It exceeded the 5 min. and did not allow completion of the download. I have added the exception to my anti-virus. Thanks again. Jon
  2. From inside Texture Direct, 4.2.2014.0520 I am not able to update from within the Program Information screen. When I select "Check for Updates" I receive a red screen stating I need to update to 4.3.2014.0812. I select "OK" and it gives me a setup file to download. I save the file to my Desktop and when I try to run the file, all I get is the attached message. I tried the REX Auto Update and is simply states "Your version is up to date."
  3. I found the issue and the resolution to the problem I was experiencing. Cirrus clouds and cumulus clouds were showing when the Metar report showed CLR. I went into >Configuration Manager > Clouds Unchecked >Enable global cirrus cloud deck Unchecked>Enable global cumulus clouds I am good to go now. Thanks for keeping this open while I figured out what settings I needed to correct.
  4. I am gathering screenshots and still researching. There is definently something not right, trying to put my finger on it. Give me 24 hoirs and I will post what I have so far.
  5. I am using REX Weather Plus Overdrive only for real-time weather and I am using Rex4 for the textures in Prepar3d. Everything appears to load with no issues, but when the weather loads, there are clouds when the Metar data shows CLR. I loaded up OPUS and Active Sky and both are showing zero clouds. I also went outside and verified, there are no clouds. I turned of all textures in REX Plus Overdrive I turned of all fog in REX Plus Overdrive Download VATSIM is off I am not using WX Plus. I would rather use REX then OPUS or Active Sky, but it seems that REX is not reading the METAR data correctly. Am I missing something??? :-(
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