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  1. Thanks, I'll e-mail them. Can you explain the difference between Sky Force, REX 4 Weather Architect, REX 4 Texture Direct, and Clouds? Does Sky Force include textures for clouds, water, etc.? It's not clear what the differentiator between these products are. As I recalled REX Essentials Plus included cloud, water, and weather textures, modification of weather, etc. Do I need separate products now for cloud textures, water textures, weather modification, etc.?
  2. Hello, I purchased REX Essential Plus a long time ago, in 2013 or so. As I recall, Overdrive at one time became a free upgrade for people who already had REX Essential +. I haven't played in a long time but was thinking of booting up FSX -- it appears that the installation at one point became corrupt over the years. I went back to flightsimstore where I originally purchased the product, and while they provided a link for REX Essential Plus SP3, it doesn't include Overdrive. Is there any way to download the up-to-date Overdrive package? Also, what is the current equivalent of REX Essential + w/ Overdrive? And what are the differences between the products? Thanks, Jason
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