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  1. Having sleapt on this I accept this was my fault for not reading the EULA-I expect only 1 in a hundred do-so please close this.
  2. Well yes and no. Yes because it was all my fault in the first place as I did not read the EULA so tried using the software on 2 Partitions on my computer and no because having uninstalled the offending program I still have no clouds in P3dv3. I suppose you will not be able to give me guidance on how to rectify this as it arises from my stupidity-no illegal intent-so I will just have to accept no clouds in my sim. Lesson learnt. However if I puchase another REX 4 will that fix it-my cloud.fx is presumably damaged as the result of this so maybe a new program with a new licence will not work? Would you please have an opinion on this?
  3. I now think I know the reason for this problem and its point 2 in my original post. For the first time I have read an EULA! Whats the point of reading these things-they are written by lawyers and you only get to read them after you have purchased the product. BUT had I read this one I would not have had this problem. It reads "You may install, access, and run a SINGLE copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on a SINGLE personal computer for your personal, non-commercial, non-profit use." I did not install this second program wishing to defraud REX but simply because it never occured to me that this would be an issue. Had I realised I would have purchased a second copy So now I need to uninstall REX 4 from P3d v3 leaving the software in the other partition on my pc for P3d v4. BUT IF I DO THIS WILL THAT MAKE P3dv3 have the default clouds working again? Will I need to manually reinstall the default clouds into P3d v3 from the REX back up that I have saved elsewhere THIS IS A LESSON FOR ALL-read the EULA!!! But you might need to be a lawyer to understand it!
  4. I installed REX 4 enhanced with soft clouds in P3d v3 a few weeks ago and set up an initial set of clouds etc which worked fine. Then a couple of days ago I downloaded another set from the Community and installed it but when the scenario opened in P3dv3 the sky was devoid of any clouds except some high cirrus when previously there were lots! Same thing with other scenarios. Re-started PC and just the same.I then used REX 4 to reinstall saved default textures-again no clouds. I had backed them up. I can think of only 2 possibilities: 1 The new Microsoft May update or indeed the leftovers from the previous one. 2 That I have REX 4 on p3d v4 on another partition on my PC and maybe this is not allowed I have Active Sky but no other programs for tweeking P3d v3 on this Partition I have tried deleting cloud.fx from the shader folder and repairing P3dv3 client but this did not fix it. This worked for other people missing low/mid level clouds according to Avsim forum Build no 4.17.2017.0818 Install log attached.Hope you can solve this! installlog.txt
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