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  1. Thanks again for the quick reply. I won’t be at my sim computer until next week, so I’ll post it here at the end of next week as soon as I return.
  2. Thank you for the reply, however I'm afraid I won't go right now in the trouble of uninstalling P3D and installing it again. I have spent the last 2 days installing all my add-ons, and this is a process that takes time. My intention was to use the REX textures however I always want a software to allow me to revert back to the stock textures if I want to, so this is a bit disappointing that the only way is to reinstall P3D. I think you should do this testing before releasing SF3D so end users don't experience issues like that. In any way, if it's something that have been missed by your side, please perform a testing that the Backup button works as intended. I would appreciate if you would let me now that in your system the above set of actions is working as intended.
  3. Hi, The P3D directory there is correct. I did as you indicated and clicked Browse and re-entered the same address. But I guess this won't fix the problem if I click to restore the textures, will it?
  4. Hello and thank you very much for the reply, 1. Clean install of P3D 2. Install of Sky Force 3D - no textures installed 3. Clicked the Backup button and then Yes in the Alert box 4. Installed Sky Force 3D textures 5. Open P3D, see SF3D textures 6.Close P3D, open Sky Force 3D 7. Click Restore 8.Open P3D. But still see SF3D clouds, not the default P3D clouds
  5. Hi, I am coming form a clean installation of Prepar3D, and I wanted to make sure that REX SF3D has a backup before I install new textures and models. So reading the manual but also the description in the UI, I clicked Backup. I then installed textures and tried to revert back, I click Restore, but the cloud textures I see after in Prepar3D do not seem to be the default one, but the REX textures/models. This is really annoying, cause I jut did a clean install. How someone can revert to the original P3D textures/models after he has installed REX SF3D?
  6. We really need a way so that the UI starts minimized. Having to minimize it in every flight is really getting annoying. Is there a way to do this please?
  7. H Hi, I just tested after you asked. Yes, I can control the HDR through the P3D lighting settings normally.
  8. Hi, I have currently uninstalled Ef due to the many bugs. I see that many posts are flagged "waiting hotfix". Can we have an estimate of when this hotfix will be released and if it will address all reported issues? I would like an answer as I have paid for a software that doesn't do what I bought it for.
  9. I have now uninstalled EF and then uninstalled/reinstalled Client and Content as well as deleted shaders cache and the Prepar3D.cfg I *think* now Prepar3D looks like it should as default. I will keep EF uninstalled until an updated version is released.
  10. Reed, When I disabled what you said on the dll.xml file, I got the same result as Eric. All scene outside the aircraft is black and white ! Something is seriously flawed here. Please advise how we can full revert EF installation.
  11. Hi Reed, thank you for the very fast reply. No, it doesn't show, but the saturation of the scene like the sky is definitely not default.
  12. Hi, I wanted to go back to my shaders/settings before I installed EF. I closed EF, uninstalled and reinstalled Client and Content, deleted my cache folder and my Prepar3D.cfg . When I loaded P3D again, I could see again the bright bloom of EF ! Even without running EF, the result I am seeing is not the default P3D. Somehow EF hardwrite changes to my Prepar3D installation that Client and Content reinstall are not able to revert ! Please, can you tell me how to go back to the time before EF was installed completely?
  13. With both on the cockpit and environment looks very bright and washed out. Is this the look that EF is supposed to offer? Can you share a VC screenshot of what EF is supposed to look like? Also if both HDR is supposed to be on, why on the manual it states the following (page 55) ?
  14. Thank you very much ! Now its perfectly clear for me : ))
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