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  1. any idea when HF2 is coming?
  2. Yes, now it works! Thank you REX!
  3. Same here. Disappears on checkout!
  4. No way to add to cart yet.
  5. Time to open a Chivas 25.
  6. We have got enough updates saying that its "very close". I would like to ask Reed or Tim that the next update will tell us when to expect the release, or just release it of course.
  7. I hope when Tim or Reed wake up, can tell us when is the expected release, just that.
  8. Tim's reply yesterday, implied the opposite. That's why I keep hoping for today.
  9. The question is will they work today? Or we should forget it and check again the new year? I have been a little tired checking all day long.
  10. I don't know how I will take it if its not released today..That's too much torture for a simmer to take
  11. So I guess we lost yesterday..should we now expect the next 12 hours or it will take more time? I'd appreciate an estimate from the developers, as we keep checking every minute..
  12. Well, Tim's yesterday statement that it will probably be today means that if something changed they would inform us here I guess...So until that, I still wait for it to come in the next hours.
  13. Tim? Reed? Your fans need you! Any news from the front? I feel the force before the storm.
  14. I don't think he'd have to read all this chatroom type discussion. Just log-in and write one line or less. It takes 1min.
  15. Certainly! Based on Tim's yesterday's prediction. Of course anything can change, I hope not