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  1. i updated via radarupdater.exe but the problem is still there.
  2. Hello! I updated the WXadv to the latest version for use with P3Dv4. Everything works quite good apart from one thing: When you start a default flight you set, for the first time, once you power on the radar, it doesnt have the blue lines with data written. There is only the rain drawing. Then if you change plane or reload the flight, it will work. Very odd. Note: Problem is in the VC as $Texture. In the common popup panels it works. And, is there the possibility to setup the radar so it is automatically "on" on WX mode status? Thanks a lot!
  3. Is there any news about WxAdvantageRadar for P3D V4?
  4. I don't know which moderator deleted my post about asking you what soft clouds exaclty do in user pc file structure. Is it possible at least to know what was the problem with my post?
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