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  1. No, guess it's updated now.
  2. I think I have it all updated now, thanks! Still not sure what it did. I did read what it was supposed to do but don't understand it.
  3. OK, I got it. What does this last one do? The 5.1.2016.1220. Do I still need the first one and what does it do?
  4. I let it update three times and didn't see anything new. It pops up everytime I start the program to make changes. I purchase it last Nov just how many updates have you had?
  5. Got it to work but why does it keep telling me to update everytime I start it up?
  6. Gees! I updated again and again can't get your key to work! Why can't we just cut and past anyway!!!!
  7. Never mind, I got the key to work
  8. Just updated my worldwide airports and now my key doesn't work and I can't remember where I purchased it. Come on! You don't want anyone to pirate your stuff but then those of us who pay get left hanging! How long is it going to take you to help me this time
  9. what is so sensitive about which update to install? There are only four jeepers creepers Which ones and in what order? How hard can that be?
  10. I see four updates. All of them and it what order?
  11. Reinstalling my REX for FS2004 because I keep getting the Fire Wall window telling my REX does not have permission though I have it listed as being able to so now what updates do I need for this build and will that fix the firewall issue? I only use Microsoft Essentials and the default windows firewall. Haven't had this in the past just showed up.
  12. Trust me, I know all of that. After some research from others who have had this happen (see it has worked for me for years so not sure what happened) I simply uninstalled and reinstalled REX and it works again. I still would like to know what caused it to fail in the first place. So you see it is not necessarily a matter of firewall influence as the message states. That's a fact not that it couldn't be in other circumstances but not here. I would still like to know what caused it but the possibilities are unknown now do to the fact I use this computer for a lot of other things and maybe in a clean up something was removed. From what I read nobody has figured it out yet.
  13. Anyone know anything about FIREWALL ALERT: please make sure rexwxengine2.exe has in/out bound access ? Haven't used my REX FS2004 in awhile, never had this before. What causes it and how do I fix it?
  14. I just updated my REX for FS2009 and now i get the:

    FIREWALL ALERT: please make sure rexwxengine2.exe has in/out bound access



    What did I do wrong?

  15. Yes It was I while back,couple years I think but yes it was REXEssential Plus Overdrive
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