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  1. Hi, I took your advise and added copied both disk to my hard drive, folder name REX4 with a sub folder DISK 2, while doing so, I noticed that disk 2 not only had rexte3.cab, on it, but also rexte4.cab. So I copied both of those into the main folder REX4 and started the install and everything went well. I received no instructions, and all times before, when it took more than 1 disks to install a program, it would stop and tell you to insert the second disk, etc. So, I found this very strange that REX4 did not choose to do the same. But anywho, I got it up and running and will try it out this morning. Thank you very much for your help. Larry
  2. Hi, Just received my disks for REX4 and while trying to install, I a box came up, asking about the file rexte3.cab, and if I could verify it. I checked and found I did not have the file, only up to rexte2. I am unable to install REX4 becauseof this. Could someone inform me about what to do now? Larry PCA order # 114063
  3. Bought at PC AVAITOR ORDER # 114063
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