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  1. Thanks a lot for your quick response. That's good to know, since the download rate went down under 100kb a second I stopped the download anyway and will restart it tomorrow then. Thanks a lot. Mike
  2. Hi I ordered REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds yesterday and tried to download it today. I download REX Download Manager installation over the e-mail link and started the download. The download started with 6.5MB/sec but then it slowed down until it stabilized at around 156KB/sec. Since the download is very large the full download will take the hole day and night till it's finished. Please tell what I can do to avoid that or if possible send me a direct server download link, where I can download the files myself. To make sure it's not a problem with my computer I also tried it on my laptop with the same result. Thanks a lot Mike
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