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  1. Admin, I believe the problem is solved. I uninstalled REX as well as my Glacier Bay Scenery, Then reinstalled Glacier Bay Scenery followed by a new install of REX. It took a while to get used to the shimmer on the water . I flew out of PAGY and all was fine scenery wise. The clouds are awesome. In looking back at first install and comparing it to the second install I believe I must have skipped some steps the first time as I was in a rush to try it out. Now all I have to do is figure out all the bells and whistles, Thanks for your help. Roger Williams.
  2. Peter, I posted by order number 2 days ago. Are you having troble verifying my order or are you unable to provide a solution to my problem of having REX override my addon scenery., It would be nice to hear from you one way or th other Thanks, Roger Williams
  3. Peter, As you requested my order number: FSPilotShop.com ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 455042 Date Ordered: Tuesday 25 December, 2012
  4. Ok Roger here. I solved the first problem after reading the ini file and then clicked on the exe file and loaded everything and it runs just fine,EXCEPT it wipes out my scenery addons, I have the Glacier Bay Scenery for Alaska and it is great. After installing REX I created a flight out of PAGY-Skagway but when I tried to find a parking space none existed only the two runways.I have since uninstalled the software and if there is no solution for this problem I'll want my money back. Thanks Roger Williams
  5. I downloaded and ran dotnetfx.exe and received the above error message. Further explanation said: This product is not supported on a 64 bit operating system. Setup will now exit. Is there a 64 bit version available? If so where do I get it. Thanks, Roger Williams
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