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  1. No worries at all....Thanks for the reply Tim. I just decided to go give it a try...seemed like all should be fine. I have installed REX and then the auto update tool and updated and worked perfect. Now both computers can enjoy REX textures and weather....great stuff.
  2. Well I did just pick up another copy of REX Essential Plus with OD from PC Aviator this morning to take advantage of the sale and will try the install later today. I hope all will work good...Thanks
  3. Hello I have been using REX with OD for a while now. My question is...with all the new stuff such as Orbx/FTX etc. things I have added, I have been moving things such as GEX soon UTX and such to 2nd PC to get use of those things I already have. I would like to buy another copy of REX for that pc...they both operate on the same wireless router as with everything in my house.(both pc's have there own wireless adapter) Would I see problems with a 2nd (new purchased version) of REX for this 2nd pc? I have never tried both pc's at the same time and don't plan to. I just wanted to get some future use of older FSX stuff rather than just leaving it in the dust. Any thought and ideas...Thanks
  4. Just got REX and looking for verification request. REX FSX order# FSS0194094
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