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  1. Watch 1mcclain1 with me on Twitch! https://t.co/UzfXZ7CRTl @SwietekPaul

  2. RIP Art, you will be missed. @NathanKesler https://t.co/I7V9QYgIHH

  3. Amen https://t.co/cGj1qAajXM

  4. Having birthday dinner, first time eating at Longhorn. So far food & experience has been great. https://t.co/2xsTUBOibJ

  5. RT @NBCTheVoice: TWO HOURS! ✌️ #VoicePremiere https://t.co/Sj6DywpSLi

  6. @AZSports Bummer, was hoping Devils got the win

  7. @mellysz06 love you, hope you're having a good day #storkieswife

  8. @FootKlan Good job footklan

  9. RT @AZSports: Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians announces his retirement after five seasons with the team. https://t.co/pUpcBQnXEJ

  10. RT @NBCTheVoice: Next week is gonna be HUGE. Watch the #VoiceFinale Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c for jaw-dropping special guest performances.…

  11. Needed battery replaced in Note 5, went to @batteriesplus & they took care of me. Thx @batteriesplus for taking car… https://t.co/9InFpOxFzT

  12. Watch JonFly with me on Twitch! https://t.co/78nGK3fru8

  13. @_Angry__Angel_ @Drift0r @_Angry__Angel_ what about the SP campaign? Looks great, worth playing even if one doesnt care for MP

  14. RT @NBCTheVoice: RT if you're ready for more #VoiceBattles and steals tonight! https://t.co/HHaPctK7Xr

  15. RT @Dbacks: Big day. #OurSeason https://t.co/ZQWh8tLcYB