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  1. I've never seen my sim this perfect. The sky, overcast clouds just works! Here are 2 screen shots from my current flight from BOS to JFK.
  2. I gave up and just bought from JustFlight. Currently installing.
  3. Hmmm, I noticed that too. But I'm quite apprehensive from buying there since the product is still not on the REX store. Tempting though!
  4. April 30th is already about to end on my side of the world!!! So excited to get this product already.
  5. I know the instruction says you need to open the REX main window and enter flight details before using weather engine. But I'm doing the opposite. Opening the wx Engine directly (WASys).. i know it's there for a reason right? Is this alright, I mean, I am not missing any features except for the wind aloft and text details?
  6. Can you guys share your FS9 Weather settings? Also in the FS9.cfg I changed that MAX_UNLIMITED_VIS from 96xxx to just 60000. Any thoughts on how to improve the overall look? What should be the cloud draw distance, etc.
  7. Posting to get verified. FSS0230486
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