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  1. I only encountered this issue once as reported above. I will post here again after I encounter it on another overnight flight.
  2. I also encountered this issue on a flight to New Zealand from Manila. Departed Manila at night, and upon arriving in New Zealand area where it should be sunny at 1130H, it was pitch black. I don't run FS Real time.
  3. I also encountered this even when I already entered the correct details. I was able to get in the SF connect version just fine.
  4. I still encounter this issue; but only momentarily when panning inside the cockpit. But seems to fix itself after a few seconds. I notice this issue particularly when the clouds/weather is right in the middle of, or right after it renders.
  5. Hope I can chime in though I am no the thread started. Disabling HDR fixes the issue for me.
  6. Hi @fs1 Since my issue is related... in reference to I already did 3 things: 1. Disabled 3D cloud morphing and cirrus cloud morphing w/in EF 2. Reset in-sim UI to manufacture settings 3. Delete P3D.cfg and shaders folder And yet I still encounter this very same issue when passing thru stormy areas. P.S. Sorry for hitching on this thread.
  7. In this particular flight, while I am exploring ways to cut down GPU usaged caused by EF or SF, I have disabled cloud morphing and 3d cloud morphing in the live auto mode. But I will check again later when I do a flight.
  8. They are at the default. I never bothered with the cloud size in the main UI and in-sim UI, but I will check again for the exact number later.
  9. I already deleted P3D shaders, and after it regenerated, during my current flight...it happened again. I recompiled the shaders through the main UI, same results. @fs1
  10. Running SF + EF only EF running on live automation mode.
  11. And this is unclear to me. Should it stay in manual/off/auto if using SF3D as weather engine?
  12. The workaround is to toggle the wx smoothing option in the main UI off then on again. That should force the in-sim UI to show fog mode auto again.
  13. Yes I saved it. By the way I also use SF3D for the weather. I like to keep it on auto. My start sequence is SF -> EF -> P3D. But everytime I load up in the aircraft fog mode is in manual. I have to toggle EF wx smoothing off then on to get it back to auto. EDIT: Since I created this thread, I was using ASP4 for the weather, but now that I'm using SF for the weather, I would like for fog mode to stay on 'Auto' all the time. Which is the issue in this reply.
  14. If you have the 'real-time weather data read', this in-sim weather reading is normal. To confirm this, go to the AS window, check the 'current conditions' tab, it should read exactly the same wx/metar results.
  15. Is there any way to keep this to off everytime I start P3D? It always defaults to Manual
  16. The thing that I noticed to have a huge impact on performance is the REX EF setting 'Enable Dense Cirrus Layer' (or something to that effect, I can't recall exactly what it's called). Disabled that and you should gain performance again. Even on my 8700K OC'd to 5.0 Ghz + RTX 2070, with that option enabled, I immediately get half a deduction to overall FPS.
  17. I have this one disabled so it just reads in-sim weather injected by AS. I noticed that when I leave this on, in my previous flight, I flew from RPLL to RPVM (about 300nm flight). When I got to RPVM, the EF UI still shows it's reading RPLL weather. 🙄
  18. Hi Federico, Sure. I am currently en-route now though. Would it help if I PM you the way the terminal building looks when I land later? We can schedule TeamViewer. I am on GMT+8 timezone and usually on sim by 2300z~0500z. Let me know when.
  19. Just my opinion also. Here's my routine. Start EF -> Start ASP4 -> Start P3D and load flight -> Toggle 'fog mode' from manual to OFF. This way, ASP4 will exclusively control this parameter. Since all my other settings particular to the HDR are already saved. I don't tinker with anything else. Just turn off fog mode and that's it. I do have to agree though that the terminal buildings do look way too bright when illuminated by taxi lights.
  20. TBH I don't see any issues opening up the activation details again....It probably took you more time to write this post than to open up your email and type 'REX'. 😂
  21. Testing also the new update. I reset all in-sim UI variables to default and only had to adjust the bloom blur scalar. So far so good. Testing it in day though, will see how it looks like at night!
  22. I don't think EF's HDR takes effect at all when you disable HDR in P3D. that's why you're not having any bloom issues.
  23. I'm using live automation mode. The global cirrus overcast option is not enabled in the main UI. I will post again if I can replicate this on another flight over LAX
  24. KLAX metar at the time photo was taken: KLAX 151253Z 08004KT 6SM HZ FEW009 OVC012 17/13 A2992 RMK AO2 SLP132 T01670133 I'm using live auto mode. ASP4. In the main UI of EF, everything is enabled except for weather smoothing and real time weather data read.
  25. Even with Texture Direct with Soft Clouds?
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