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  1. Hi there, I tried to download the REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive I bought at FlightSim Store in 12/12/2012 (order #FSS0191882). I'm aware that this store is having commercial issues, so I would like to know how can I download it (if possible, migrate my license to REX store so I can download from there). The download links at FlightSim Store are all dead. Best regards, Antonio Intini
  2. FSX (Steam Edition) crashes if I use it with 'Mogwaisoft's Shade' AND 'REX Worldwide Airports'.
  3. Excuse me, but I have this software for quite a long time. Why should they solve the compatibility issue instead of you? FSX is crashing now with Worldwide Airports. Before I install it, I never had crash issues with Shade. Looking forward for a solution. Regards, Antonio Intini
  4. Hi there, I have Shade for a long time, and it worked well with my FSX Steam Edition so far. Yesterday I installed the Worldwide Airports. If I try to run FSX with Shade, the simulator will crash after a while (15+ minutes). If I run FSX without Shade, no issues are seen. Please can you provide a hotfix to it or any sugestion to solve it with setup configuration? Best regards, Antonio Intini
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