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  1. Update: That didn't work either, as it had installer for update 1.1 attached to it. Went to forum and tried downloading ver 2 which downloaded without problems or alarms from BITDEFENDER. Installed and is running fine now. Leo
  2. I got an email last night with a link for downloading the file (RAR) which downloaded fine. I have only unpacked it and there is now an installer present and no virus warnings. Will install later today and keep you all posted. If you have started a ticked with REX they will get back to you with the same download link. Reed, if you read this, am I allowed to post link here? Leo
  3. When starting EF ver 5.0.2019.0517 I get message for upgrade. Going to download upgrade but can't get it downloaded as Bitdefender is finding a virus in it. http://www.rexdownload.com/download/sync/REXENVFORCE/SERVICEPACKS/20190625/rexinstaller.exe Threat name: Gen:Variant.Mikey.98735. Downloaded update from forum page but only get rexenvforce_20190625.msi. When clicking on that I get message saying This package can only be run from a bootstrapper. I take it this means an installer? Not sure how to get this working.
  4. Hi there, I've tried it again to get REX Environment to run, but again it screwed up my P3D sim. It stops it from starting up completely. After uninstalling REX Environment P3D starts up fine. Is there any chance on a refund cause this program will not run for me and it probably never will. Regards Leo de Haan Scotland 2037178 SIMMARKET REX GAME STUDIOS - REX 5 - ENVIRONMENT FORCE
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