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  1. Just tried dragging the program to the other monitor and all colours are normal and the mini ui is visble. New issue is I can't get any other aircraft to load once I do this (same as if try to load a PMDG aircraft without EF running first but EF is running).
  2. Compared to this screenshot with EF uninstalled and shaders rebuilt:
  3. Out of curiosity I deleted the contents of my ShadersHLSL folder as well and re-installed the latest P3D client to make sure had purely default shaders installed. Also deleted my user/appdata/local/shaders folder and let it regenerate. Neither had any affect though. Screenshot attached.
  4. Copied no entries in addons menu. No there's no mini UI in sim. Have looked everywhere for the minimised icon and cannot find anything anywhere. Yes REX modules are in the main P3D folder. EF located within that folder. Version number is 5.0.2019.0517
  5. Hi. No other shader addon installed. Have deleted the shader folder content and let it regenerate the default ones and they work fine until EF installed then everything goes black/grey. Also, no mini UI or REX entries under addons. I'm not sure whether that's normal or not as have never been able to display the mini UI.
  6. Hi. With EF installed most of my scenery textures and all cloud and sky textures are black and/or a shade of grey. No screenshot as it looks the same as in other posts in this forum. If uninstall EF and delete shaders in appdata/local folder problem is fixed when they regenerate. With EF installed this has no effect though. Mini GUI is also not loading and there's no entry in the ADDONS menu for any REX products. Have uninstalled and re-installed many times now, tried in safe mode etc and nothing seems to work. Is there anything I can try that may help work out a fix. Otherwise I'm going to have to uninstall EF.... for the time being at least.
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