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  1. as the title says I get flashing in both modes thought it was only suppose to be in standard, build 2014 -1126 surface region 4x4; 6 min refresh rate
  2. gentlemen i do have fast down load speed BUT i looked at the weather page i had the lat long set at maxs 17x17(?) when i reduced it (2x2) the weather download was much faster could one of you explain the lat long and how big an area is it is it directly related to real lat and long or do you have a reference in REX that you use for the size of each 1x1 thanks just to add i was waiting for the green bar before actually starting my flight that was what was taking SO long the red bar was ther a long time.
  3. thanks for the quick reply i know there is a link on how to provide screen shots if you could provide it thanks
  4. yes the small screen that shows the map
  5. how long on initial download should the red bar be present in standard weather mode mine is a good 12-20min if I try to take-off the sim is very choppy when the bar disappears it becomes smooth is this the normal wait time?
  6. i have the pics how do i insert them ?
  7. here's what happens on initial start-up of REX and fsx within 1-2 min the screen freezes and REX injects weather as i'm flying along the top of the screen will flicker 5-6x i assume that the weather injection; according to you thats not suppose to happen in WXPLUS .As I have said on numerous occasions the auto and manual injection are totally different weather conditions.
  8. not sure what you mean i ll just o in to windowed mode at hit "load weather" if you are refering to the set-up it is set on 1min for initial download and 2min for refresh rate thanks
  9. today flying into ASPEN weather 2000 ovc1 nm vis snowing; REX auto apprx 12-15 nm 9000ovc no snow; load weather manually pretty accurate snow and viz.
  10. in answer to your questions 1) why should i have to do that?i purchased your product 2)no 3)yes; there are other posters with the same issue.
  11. some times when the wind shifts the plane will react very strangely the ias will shoot up to 458 mph the plane will climb rapidly 10000fpm + all the while the autopilot is engaged changing the values does not help have to disengage ap and at and bring airspeed and altitude down manually. has only happened since the update
  12. yesterday flying in to kpit don't remember the weather exactly bur the automatic update was totally different than the manual imput which was almost exact waited till i was about 4nm out and manual injected at that point the weather changed dramatically from what was being downloaded. Pete your statrment that the weather could be out by 15 minutes i guess if the latest weather station in that are were 15 min. old that would be true so in practical terms the auto download is not "as it happens"?
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