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  1. Hello, I think I have figured out the problem. Well, it is not problem at all and it is not concerning REX 4. I tryed to make some adjustments with REX Essential OD. I gave the ocean textures a greenish look (what I cant do in REX4). And now I have the greenish water textures in lakes/rivers. It seems like the waterclass tags the Lake Constance for example as ocean texture area. Maybe you can confirm that? Kind regards
  2. I just want to add two things here: - Lakes in USA (where no landclass is installed) for example are also ocean textured - I disabled DX10 and the colours are still the same
  3. Hello guys, for a long time I am not happy with my water textures which are created by REX 4. I just see ocean water textures everywhere. There are no inland water textures. Neither in lakes nor in rivers. I have set "Low 2x" as water settings in FSX. Furthermore I am using Steves DX10 Fixer with the water settings attached. I have enabled all DX10 features in the REX 4 assistant. ORBX OpenLc and Vector is in use. The Lake Constance, Germany (would be nice to see how Lake Constance looks on your system): Rhein River, Switzerland: Steves DX10 Fixer water settings (even the preview picture shows what I mean): And my REX texture set which is correct installed: See the greenish/brownish inland water textures I choosed? I dont see them in FSX. Hope you guys can help me Thanks a lot Manuel
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