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  1. @YourMomsucksTho The hell you say.

  2. @JeSuisPhoenix They didn’t have strawberries. https://t.co/59jwVUiPVU

  3. @maddie_ft I have not.

  4. @MrAmyBailey There’s 323 million of us - some are going to be odd.

  5. @Ranger_Up GBU-31 is...what?

  6. @Tiny_chivette @Olivertwist225 They can for sure be heavy. And uneven!

  7. @ggreenwald It’s all just performance art.

  8. @geoffstults Great show brother.

  9. @jeremyscahill They won’t care. Win at all costs now.

  10. @blamberr Congrats. Deserved!

  11. @Kathy_Valentine @RepLloydDoggett He’s leaving right?

  12. @amazon and finally bought a UFC and it won’t even start. $64.95 for what @danawhite?

  13. @halsey this weekend in Austin w/@ItaliLatina. PHEAR ME!!!

  14. @Ranger_Up It’s all true.

  15. RT @ItaliLatina: It's almost time for @depechemode at the @CWMPavilion with @Badpvtdan https://t.co/HUApzMfaD5