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  1. Thank you. I am refering to the loading of textures that may be different than what was loaded at the time of departure. For example, if i take of in clear skies and have not loaded thunder clouds, lightning etc...and I encounter those at my destination or en route, where does the weather engine retrieve those files from? Are they using FSX default weather or does it search and use REX4 files from it's library of textures? Best, Phil
  2. This is probably a ridiculous question for some of you that are very conversant with REX textures and the weather engines. If I select an ICAO location i order to achieve real world weather conditions for the originating point of my flight, how does REX handle all the variables of weather conditions en route and at the destination airport? For example if my origin airport is clear skies and light winds and I encounter thunder storms en route and it is snowing at my destination, where does the weather engine draw the textures from if when we started the flight and loaded clear skies and light winds? Also, How does REX 4 handle the variable water textures along a route? If we load one type of water effect, will all bodies of water have that same effect regardless of whether they are a lake, river or ocean with different meteorlogical scenarios en route? Thanks for the clarification. Phil REX 4 Order Number: FSS0265268
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