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  1. Galen and Reed, SWEET SUCCESS!!! 3.8.2014.1126 up and running. It is very refreshing to conduct business with honest professionals!!! Reed you thanked me for my patience in this matter and I want to thank you for yours. Will continue to support your products in anyway possible!!! Sincerely, Greg P.S. Windows 10 64, P3D v2.5 and REX...winning combination!!!
  2. Thank you Galen and Reed for your continued support! Mr. Stough I am currently away on business until Tuesday, August 24 at which time I'll send that email you have requested. You both a a great weekend! Sincerely, Greg
  3. Thank you for clearing things up Galen! Every year or so I perform a clean install of the current flavor of the OS, this time I couldn't find my original download after this OS install.
  4. Thank you for the quick response Galen. I did an uninstall of REX. I installed RexEssentialPlus from the folder RexEssentialPlusSP3 that I downloaded from FlightSimStore. Ran as admin...everything works...version build 3.4.2014.1126 REXessential+HD No overdrive. How would I proceed to upgrade to Overdrive?
  5. Hello all. Have always loved REX and could not fly without it. Thank you for a great product. Until now I haven't had an issue installing or updating REX. Hope you all can help. 1. Clean install of Windows 10 64 2. Clean install of Prepar3d v2.5 with all the latest hotfixes 3. Fresh install of REX Essential Plus downloaded from Flightsimstore. . Issue #1 is I have purchased the P3D activation license in the past but when I went to restore my backup, it wouldn't restore so I ended up purchasing again. Least of my issues as it's saved on your servers now! . Issue #2 installed REX Essential Plus and pointed it towards my P3D main folder, restored....AWESOME! So far so good. At this point the installed version is 3.8.2014.1126. I then proceeded to update to overdrive but the highest update available was SP2 3.7.2013.0715. The update was successful as I now have REX Essential+Overdrive HD with access to my P3D install. The weather engine works great and all the textures are there and loading...except the [OD] sky textures. The names are in the list but when I click on the names directly or use the arrows in the GUI it just stays on the last non OD texture! I installed the hotfix 3.8.2014.1211 before I read that it wasn't needed for a fresh download, but it installed so that when I start REX it is now version 3.8.2014.1211. Whew! All this just so I can have a couple of my favorite sky textures... Sincerely, Greg P.S. Rex3 Weather engine is the best out there and I don't know why folks don't know that!!! P.S.S. I installed REX 4 w/Soft Clouds into Windows 10 and P3D 2.5 and it is working flawlessly! Thank you!!!
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