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  1. Roger that! I am a REX nut now! I have SkyForce 3D & WWA. But, I like the way the other products I've used(and I hear REX 4 Textures) lets you pick each part of the airfield, a worn heavy used concrete runway with an asphalt taxi way but pristine everything else (even options for the grass textures around the airport), you can do that...not just one choice that picks everything for you. Thats the only naggin thing about WWAs that I don't like. Now, with that said, I am patiently waiting for REX EF...
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah, FSPS has it but will charge me $5 bucks for the effort. I think I'll just let that be. I read a review or watched a video that REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds HD Enhanced Edition would give me a LOT of control (more than that of the Airports HD) over the textures...I just hate buying redundant software. HOWEVER...it is on sale right now, half off...$12 makes it tempting. Any thoughts on this?
  3. I have the older REX Essential + Overdrive(which I haven't reactivated)...and now Worldwide Airports HD. When i installed WAHD I had a bit of a flashback moment, I'm old so I might blame it on that. But, I seem to remember REX E+O offered a plethora of install options for several different runways, taxi ways exc...not one large set of textures. Am I just miss remembering? And finally, can I use REX Essential + Overdrive(and all its textures) with Prepar3d 4.3? I have read users who say it works just fine but i just wanna be sure before I give that dealer more money to just reactivate my download link :/ Thanks for your time and I hope someone can help me.
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