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  1. Thanks for your hepl Gets. I must admit "tweeking" gets me a bit nervous but when I call Jetline they will give me a tune up and I feel more confident when I have them on the phone. I've been running FSX smoothly for a long time and I'm still wondering if the new REX SP3 and the Texture update have any bearing on this issue. I did find that a computer restart settled FSX down. Thanks again for your assistance and I will check out that video
  2. Thanks Gets, I5-2500K CPU, 8.0 GB DDR3 2 X4 Ram, GTX-560 TI Graphics, Fatality P67 USB3.0 SATA 3 Motherboard, 600GB Western Digital Velocity Raptor Hard Drive, 27 inch Samsung Monitor. Hope this is helpful and I will add to my profile.
  3. Since installing new SP3 & Texture update my FSX, on a really good Jetline machine, is staggering and stuttering. The frame rate, even though still set to "unlimited" is horrible and every mouse click there is a hesitation before executing. Is this an issue for anyone else? Please advise. Thanks..................
  4. Hi again folks, I thought I had downloaded these but can't find. Where are they located?? P.S Purchased and downloaded from PC Aviator Never mind guys, got it
  5. This is an issue for me also, although it's with waves cresting on shore, not with trees or buildings. This is an issue both with REX and with Flight Environment, both for FSX. I'd appreciate any feedback about this also. Thanks, Ellis
  6. Thanks Vic, I'll try it with some add ons and see if the issue continues. This has only occured since installing REX so it seems logical that there is a connection.
  7. I purchased the REX + Overdrive program about a week ago and have been learning how to use it. The texture features are easy and the weather settings a bit more challanging. I'd like to address the following issue and see if anyone else has the same. After weather is set up at times when I switch views on my joystick in the "spot view" the plane vanishes, at times only showing a disected plane and in the right or left side window view the wing vanishes at times showing only the wing tip light ( these issues refer to the default 737) Can anyone comment? Thanks, Ellis
  8. Hi again Tim. I asked you before about issues with REX Essentials plus Overdrive which I will be purchasing soon. You mentioned an Overlap with Airport Enhancer & Flight Environment X. Can I just install Essentials + overdrive over them or should I uninstall them first to eliminate conflicts?? Thanks again
  9. Hi Folks, I plan to purchase REX Essentials + Overdrive as soon as I upgrade my system with a larger capacity hard drive. I see in the requirements it says Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 is needed. My system from Jetline has Microsoft Net Framework 4 Client Profile. Is this an issue?? Please advise. Thanks
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