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  1. Hi Robert,

    If using automation mode, have you tried turning up the setting in the mini UI? 

    It’s under water variables and then you should see the water waves setting, it’s automatically set to 0.00, turn that up to what you want and save it and you should be good to go, it should stay like that until you change it, you shouldn’t have to turn your P3D water setting to high if you don’t want to, at least I don’t.

    If you’ve already tried this then please disregard



    Greg Z


  2. I was going to ask the same question, it’d be nice if we could pull it up from the menu bar and not have the little box in the corner, just a thought, everything else seems pretty awesome though.😉

  3. Hello All,

    First off, I’m loving REX EF! 

    I use REX TD, REX SF , REXWWA, and REX EF

    I have REX SF on a networked computer with the drives mapped correctly and I can set the path in EF to find SF and everything works as it should but when I am finished my flight and shut down EF the next time I start my Sim and EF the “Texture Program Folder Location” automatically resets to REX TD and I have to set it back to SF and browse for the path every time, is this by design? 

    I only use REX TD for water


  4. 59 minutes ago, bhorv67 said:

    I turned AA off, didn't seem to make any difference. 

    What I'm doing now, which is helping a bit, is to leave the SkyForce GUi closed. ASv4 is managing weather, so all I'm losing is cloud sync (I'm not really clear what that does anyway)


    I may be wrong but this is my understanding of cloud sync, somewhat simplified, someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong ;)

    With cloud sync off- you will only have the 4 main cloud textures installed into the sim regardless of what weather engine you use as this is a limitation with FSX and P3D

    With cloud sync on-  REX SF will read the data from the weather and install the 8 textures that it is capable of regardless of what weather engine you use making for a more realistic simulation of the weather



  5. Hi REX team,


    While I was away I searched and searched how to enable the lens flare, I found out how and it works beautifully!

    I enabled LENSFLARE= True in both camera cfg. files, one in appdata and one in the main FSX folder, don't know if I had to do them both or not but it seemed to work.


    Thanks for taking the time to try and help with my question, you may call this topic Resolved :D

  6. Hey everyone, hope all is well

    Just wondering how to enable lens flare in my VC, I know It has to do with my camera cfg. But I noticed I have one in my appdata and one in my main FSX folder.

    I have lens flare checked in main fsx settings but have no effect

    Would like to know the proper procedure for changing it in the camera cfg. files before I go ahead and screw something up, I'm guessing I just change from false to true.

    Thanks in advance,

    Btw REX4 is awesome!

    Well done!

  7. I uninstalled everything REX related off of my computer and reinstalled it according to James Holcombs Video. I must have had it installed wrong because as I snooped around in my files there was REX stuff in all the wrong places,I now have Everything together in one folder on my C: drive. I have no clue how it worked so well before the service pack was installed, got lucky I guess. I also turned down Cloud density in fsx to medium, that has brought me to silky smooth 30 fps again only when the weather is not loading every 20 or 30 seconds. should I post a separate topic for that issue? Sorry for the waste of your time and thanks very much.

  8. For fun I just tried a compleatly random username and password, a box came up saying I already have a username and password, ( the one I have been trying) very strange, so I input the info again and it still tells me to use a different username and password, I don't know if that helps you troubleshoot the issue or not, just thought I would mention it.

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