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  1. Long time REX supporter here, just want to let the REX team know that they have done an amazing job on this wonderful add on, well worth the investment!! GREAT JOB REX TEAM!!!
  2. Another brilliant creation by the REX team!! Great job guys and have a very Happy New Year!!
  3. Don't over tweak, Haswell is the way to go, check out NickN's guide for proper installation or Kosta, too many addons eventually kill FSX
  4. I'm gonna get REXed tonight!!!

  5. I think I'm addicted to flight simming:)

  6. Has anyone else had worse performance with the new service pack? I went from 30 fps silk , to 17 to 20 STUTTERS , I have posted in support, I just wanted to know if this is common or just me doing something wrong, Have an awesome day everyone!
  7. Personally I think your rig just might not be up to what your asking it to do, just a thought.
  8. Are you using the "bufferpools=0" tweak? If you are that MAY be the problem Sorry, I mean [bufferPools]. Tweak Usepools=0
  9. Thanks for the reply, I did post in the verification thread, I guess I just have to have a little patience.
  10. I would like to get all the cool textures that REX has to offer but I'm new to all this and am not sure what to do.
  11. REX FSX order # FSS0179427 Thank you
  12. how do I download overdrive?

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