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  1. Hello! I just installed TD and its great! My question is do I need to run REX Essentials for wx generation after configuring textures in TD? I know I need to keep REX 4 from over-writing the textures, so I am basically looking as to how REX 4 runs along with TD...
  2. Hey- Its installing now, just taking a long time but since it is 16gb in size, that's understandable. Can't wait to see it!
  3. Is there a problem with the download server for getting Texture Direct after purchase? it's taking more than 30 hours just to download the cab files...
  4. Hi Tim! I don't know what changed, but switching from 32-bit to DXT 1 textures seemed to make it start working. I also tried both modes and its working great. I also checked tropical area textures and the water looks perfect! The wave motion is amazing! You can consider this issue resolved! Jon R Las Vegas, NV
  5. Sure! Class Location: frmMain.loadMainThemeWindow Error: P:\REX Essential Plus\Images\Sky\sky_day\50\ I also changed my graphics textures in the fsx.cfg file to 4096, but that didnt make any difference...
  6. Hello there! I just recently upgraded to SP3, and after doing so by water textures look terrible! SOrt of like cheap carpeting. I've tried reloading textures, as well as selcting them on and off in options, Is there a fix for this? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B65br3cUE88GUW00Z0w1X05EU2s/view?usp=sharing Jon R. Henderson, NV
  7. That last few days i've noticed i'm getting ground wind speeds in the 40-70+ regardless of where I start at. When I check the actual local conditions I see 5-15 kts...Is there an issue with REX Weather lately that may cause this?
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