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  1. Thanks reed. I really appreciate your honesty. That said, considering the persistent lack of a definite issue date, I think I'll switch to a different weather engine. Anyway, I'll continue monitoring this forum for good news on SP4 Regards
  2. Sorry for opening a new topic, but I've noticed that REX administrators have deleted all topics regarding the alleged update of REX ESS+OD with the Service Pack 4. I've been waiting this update since I installed the sp4 public beta 2, on April 2016...after 10 months, still no updates, just teasing. In the meantime I've lost many competitor products sales. At this point I really think we deserve a clear date (or month at least) for the SP4 release. Am I wrong? I'm really sorry for pouring out my disappointing, but with the public betas fsx is unusable due to known tat and barometric pressure issues.
  3. REX essOD installed, with success. You can close the topic.
  4. More or less. I got the personal support session, but we had no luck in resolving the issue, something is preventing the correct installation of SQL Server Local. Reed's advice is to wait for the next REX 4 SP that should have resolved the sql server issue.
  5. All right, I'll try them and let you know asap
  6. I''m posting here , cause the old thread has been closed...Since the session wasn't successful for the installation of REX4SC (and waiting for a solution to the sql server process issue, as soon as possible), i decided to turn back to REX Essentials plus OD that i uninstalled prior to download rex4. Now i have the problem to find the files for the installation as i stated in a previous thread As you'll find there, i bought REX essential plus from FSS almost 4 years ago...now i've got the problem to re-install REX ESS OD using the original installers that i saved when i purchased it 4 years ago and patch them up to the latest version of ESSENTIALS as well as OverDrive. could you please assist me to install the latest REX essential plus OD software? THX in advance
  7. session scheduled next thursday. Do i have to unistall REX, sql server and .net frameworks to proceedwith a clear installation during the session? I really hope this issue can be solved in the most simple way (the reinstall of W7 is out of question), since I spend money for a product that I can't use for a problem that I've noticed in many other thread on the forum and that definitely does not depend on my system, since it has worked and still works perfectly with FSX and tens of other addons (traffic, utx, gex, fspassengers, gsx, airports...). I've installed many other fsx add-on, past REX software included, and this is the first time I'm experiencing all this problems to install a program...maybe you should reconsider the need for this SQL server program to install REX software!
  8. yes. that's the result... C:\Windows\system32>cd\ C:\>SQLLocalDB.exe i C:\>pause Premere un tasto per continuare . . . C:\>SQLLocalDB.exe p "v11.0" C:\>pause Premere un tasto per continuare . . . C:\>SQLLocalDB.exe d "v11.0" C:\>pause Premere un tasto per continuare . . . C:\>SQLLocalDB.exe c "v11.0" C:\>pause Premere un tasto per continuare . . . C:\>SQLLocalDB.exe s "v11.0" C:\>pause Premere un tasto per continuare . . .
  9. tried that solution, and managed to complete both installations (SQL and REX4SC). Now when i launch REX as admin I've got black screen and this window...
  10. step 4 completed, step 5 not...same problem with the Service SQL Server VSS Writer (SQLWriter failed to start). It tells me to verify I've got sufficient privileges to start system services
  11. cool thx. a couple questions: In Step 3 i removed all .net framework files 4.5 (sdk,italian pack 4.5.2 etc...5 files in total) is that correct? Step 4: I can't find the .net frame setup program in the REX 4 install files...in the unzipped rex4 folder I have 4 zipped files (rexte1,rexte2,rexte3 and rexte4), rextexturedirect_sc_20150818 and the setup.exe. Where is the .net frame setup program?
  12. thx for the answer timest. now I'm not in front of my pc,but I'll check within 2/3 hours. Before to do so, though, I can already say that there isn't any Sql server local db in my control panel, nor in other folders (app data, program files etc...). Probably it was already uninstalled by me, even if I don't remember it. I tried several times to install the sql server local db express 2012 and 2014, without luck, each time the problem was the SQLWriter file. Anyway,I'll skip the step 2 and proceed with 1, 3 and so on
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