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  1. Good to know, but I really hope that the SP4 will solve the issues about wx plus mode, TAT and barometric pressure. Right now, with public betas installed, it's almost impossible to fly without incurring in stall or excessive speed alert. Finger crossed
  2. actually, i've flown from indonesia to usa, 12.30 hours flight and the winds were always 25 knots from 260/280...and no clouds during the whole flight! quite strange since the flight was on january 28th and i flew over japan, alaska, canada, vancouver, seattle...
  3. checked and in standard mode there's an improvement...fl290 -2 degrees mach 0.87 without overspeeding, even though the weather seems more static, for instance no wind or clouds change while flying above the sea metarfiles.txt
  4. After 2 flights in wxplus mode with grid interpolation and minimum weather injection both disabled, the issue is still there. At fl 290, max speed without overspeeding is 368 knots and the outside temperature is 45/50 degrees...really weird
  5. ok, i'll check it in the weekend. But, what do these option change? thx
  6. after a weekend of testing i can conclude that the pressure/OAT issue hasn't been solved
  7. super cool...look forward to trying it! What about the pressure issue and the outside temperature preventing planes to fly faster than 350/360 knots without going overspeed that some of us reported on the first public beta? Thx!
  8. it was between 15 and 17 gmt+1 time. now everything seems ok
  9. It's been 2/3 hours I can't use archieved weather, occurring in an application error window whose text is in this file. Clues? rex.txt
  10. I did, REX has all permission in my windows firewall
  11. confirm. same problem for me. I've flown with default crj900, b737 and b747 with fl 200,250,300 and so on. In every case i've experienced winds at 5/10 kts max, very weird temperatures (+20 degrees at fl 290!) and i couldn't exceed 360 kts without having an overspeed those fls the airspeed should be at least 450kn or more with winds in case of tail winds... I've also tried the solution proposed by HoldMe (just make sure when choosing WXPlus mode, you have to choose inject timer at startup 1 Minute. If you choose 2 Minutes, 3 etc. will cause this glitch.), without success. I'm also experiencing very often an issue with black screen and a window saying " The Weather Theme could not be loaded. Please check that this file exists and try again."