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  1. Yes I have installed SP1 and no the build number was not correct but is now.. Sorry signature is now correct..
  2. I have REX Essential Plus Build 0415 and I am trying to find the Overdrive update in the FSX Software forum but can only see SP updates. Can anyone tell me where can I find this upgrade file link?
  3. Hi I worked it out... I was setting the folder first and then restoring settings which changed the folder location to the old system. I corrected the folder and everything loaded correctly. Thanks
  4. Hi I have done the update and confirmed the build and restored settings.I then relaunched and had the same issue where the load bar finishes and the option to start FSX and load weather is not available.
  5. Hi I have had to reinstall REX after a system rebuild and downloaded a new version from the website. I am now having issues with the program loading correctly. The original version of the software worked without any problems prior the rebuild. Now when I start REX as administrator I click the "Just Fly" button and the loading bar displays and everything looks to be loading correctly. When the load bar finishes it disappears but the option to start FSX and load weather fails to come up as it used to. A number of error logs have been produced and are listed below. ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: SystemXCopy2.xcopyBackupInitial Error: The device is not ready. ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmMain.runPreWeatherEngineCheck Error: The system cannot find the file specified ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmConvert.copyTexturesToFSX Error: The device is not ready. I understand that there are some updates but would like to confirm if this issue is related to not having the updates installed and if so what updates should I be applying. Look forward to seeing what suggestions can be offered to get this program working as it used to.
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