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  1. Here is a screen EF-SF-AS with 2048 cloud , 4SSAA, and 4K (3840x2160) its demanding on GPU and CPU, no problem if you dont overload the GPU jf you bottleneck it the FPS dive even with a 6ghz cpu I run vsync unlimited in P3D and monitor res in Nvidia CP 30HZ its like locked 30fps
  2. I just uninstalled then inst 517 all ok
  3. is it ok to install 1.1 patch over the 509 build
  4. Uppgrade installed , everything working. Thanks
  5. All severs was overloaded , i unstalled From P3D PC and installed the old version on the client No problem vid simconnect up and running on first attempt, good work REX Ess Team. Uppgrade to Plus this weekend if not servers ar to busy. Thanks
  6. Hi Can a move to a Networked PC instead when uppgrade Ess Plus and what happen to the P3D key. Reason have a P3D main PC running fullsreen 3monitor setup outsideviews have REX on it today. Then 2 networked PC:s one for instruments (Prosim737) and second for instruktor station, navigraph maps,Topcat, Running AS before on that one , but decide to run all tru REX it was a mistake from me to put RexEss on the main PC. Kind Regards Hasse
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