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  1. Try to disable: "Enable Dense Cirrus Overcast Layer" on "Cirrus Cloud Control", this was an issue for me and let us know if this help. It might be something else, but worth to try it.
  2. Turned HDR off - did not make any changes, literally the same FPS numbers Installed the latest EF Update - did not make any changes But I accidentally found it while playing with configs: "Enable Dense Cirrus Overcast Layer" on "Cirrus Cloud Control" When it is on - I have FPS loss, when it is off - almost 0 FPS loss and everything is fine! When you re-install EF it is off by default, that how it might help somebody. But I confirmed for me: 4096 text resolution, HDR on, SF as WX, EF - both Auto and Manual mode is ok if "Enable Dense Cirrus Overcast Layer" is off, and having FPS drop if it is on.
  3. Yes I will try this. I do not think that HDR or other settings are culprits here as everything working fine without EF.
  4. Tried to set to 512 everything: P3D texture, SF3D texture, and EF texture. Even reinstalled EF for the second time. I quickly OC my CPU to 3.8Ghz. The results are the same: P3D only: 70 FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Auto: 16 FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Manual: 16 FPS P3D only: P3D + SF3D + EF Auto: P3D + SF3D + EF Manual:
  5. I do not have any issue running SF3D with 4096, I do not see how should I expect any issues with using EF with the same settings? And my i7-5960X is an "Extreme Edition" running up to 3.5Ghz and is utilizing less than 20% of usage overall and per core when I am running P3D. I do not expect hardware is a bottleneck here, but I will try when I get back to my sim.
  6. I am using max settings: Cloud: 4096 + DXT5 Cirrus: 2048 + DXT5
  7. I am experiencing a significant FPS drop while using Environment Force. It was from day one and hotfix for EF and TU for SkyForce as also P3D v4.5 Hotfix did not change anything. Technically P3D 4.5 Hotfix made small FPS improvements, like about 3-5 FPS, but FPS is dropping from 60 to 10, so it is insignificant. I am using EF + SF3D the latest updates on P3D v4.5 with Hotfix. I tried to reinstall P3D Client and EF, it does not make any changes. It is for both Manual and Auto mode! I tried default simple and complex airports, I have ORBX, but airports are defaults from P3D. On the simple scenery: P3D only: 60+ FPS P3D + SF3D: 50+ FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Manual: ~10 FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Auto: ~10 FPS On the complex scenery: P3D only: 30+ FPS P3D + SF3D: 30+ FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Manual: ~18 FPS P3D + SF3D + EF Auto: ~18 FPS I am using VR, so 30 FPS is a minimum or it is unusable. So at current state EF is unusable. Attaching screenshots for all cases in the same order: Simple scenery: P3D Only: P3D + SF3D: P3D + SF3D + EF Manual: P3D + SF3D + EF Auto: Complex scenery: P3D only: P3D + SF3D: P3D + SF3D + EF Manual: P3D + SF3D + EF Auto:
  8. This the end clean scenario of how I was able to isolate this issue. Usually, I am starting everything at the same time, as it is taking time. I had no issue before, running this way. So with EF I started to have FPS drop sometimes, sometimes not. So I played 4 days with that and come up with that scenario to reproduce and scenario to avoid. I used my second approach for 2 days and had 0 FPS drop since that. I am not saying or suggest that this is the right way to run SF3D + EF, but this clean steps just might help to understand FPS issue and provide a possible workaround for others. So answering your question, yes, in the end, it was the intentional result of my small investigation.
  9. I am experiencing a severe drop of FPS too, but I was able to mitigate it. A drop of FPS is not stable and looks like depends on scenery and weather (amount of clouds). But it is accumulative and can be decreased more and more if you follow the steps to reproduce, see below. A full restart of P3D is the only solution and following my workaround steps, also see below. For one of my scenery where I have 30 FPS, I have a drop of only 5-10 FPS per reproducing steps, it means that restarting EF 3 times and I am having less than 10 FPS constantly (30 FPS -> ~ 20 FPS -> ~ 10 FPS -> < 10 FPS). But in the other case with the scene with 65+ FPS, with a single run of steps to reproduce, given me only 10+ FPS immediately. I am using SF3D + EF with all options on in Auto mode Steps to reproduce: 1. Run P3D and load any scenario 2. Run EF first, before SF3D and wait about 20 seconds until it will take effect (usually I notice cloud or distant fog changes) 3. Run SF3D and wait for full weather injection cycle (2 green messages: weather station creation started, whether injection completed), about 20 seconds more After that my FPS is dropping immediately. If you stop SF3D and EF without stopping P3D, FPS will be not fixed and if you re-run EF and SF3D again, follow the same steps, it will add more FPS drop Steps to avoid: 1. Run P3D and load scenario 2. Run SF3D first, before EF and wait for initial injection cycle, about 20 seconds (2 green messages: weather station creation started, whether injection completed) 3. Run EF only after the first weather injection completed No FPS drop in this case and any other weather injection cycles from SF3D does not affect FPS I hope that will help others and help to troubleshoot and debug this issue and provide a fix in the future updates. If this will be confirmed, it means that the issue in the initial hook before initial weather injection or during it. It might be different for ASP4 and might not work for other weather injection cycles from ASP4.
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