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  1. Thank a lot, I've resolved.
  2. But why it said to change the value in the "display" instead of "graphics"? It is an error? Thank.
  3. Good morning, In the manual of REX I found this inscription: If you wish to view high-definition textures Within FSX, you must make sure to Set this value in the FSX. cfg file. Add TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD = 4096 Within the DISPLAY section of the FSX.cfg file. I do not need to set this value in the "Graphics" section? Why in the display section? I would like to have a clarification. Thank you.
  4. I solved this problem by clicking on Restore in the configuration manager. Thanks anyway.
  5. Hello, at the moment I have version 3.5.2012.1029 and I saw in the updates section that there are two service packs: what should I have? In a nutshell what I have to do to get the most current version? Thank you.
  6. Thanks, I already created the backup configuration manager, but the download center is always empty.
  7. Try lo reinstall, perhaps because are missing some files.
  8. And how do you create this account in the configuration manager? I can give the procedure, please? Thank you.
  9. Good evening, Why the Download Center of REX essential does not work, in the sense that in all five categories is empty, as in "free stuff"? Thank you.
  10. Hi, today I wanted to reinstall my product after re-formatted, but I viato that in my post has disappeared sent the email containing the serial and the purchase order. How can I recover? Thank you.
  11. Salve, oggi volevo reinstallare il mio prodotto re dopo aver formattato, ma ho viato che nella mia posta è scomparsa l'email inviata all'acquisto che conteneva il serial e l'ordine. Come la posso recuperare? Grazie.
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