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  1. Trying to see if there are any updates to my REX Essential Plus product however, I'm getting this message from the auto update option:


    Your product could not be verified:


    I have build: 3.4.2014.1211





  2. SimForLife

    Support Verification

    Here is my post for verification: Product: REX - Real Environment Xtreme Essential Serial/Registration Info: ORDER # FSS0177144 ORDER DATE# 2012-08-11
  3. verification of soft clouds

    1. SimForLife


      my soft clouds version is 4.3.2016.0928

  4. SimForLife

    A few small words to the REX team...

    All I have to say to the entire REX Team is AWESOME JOB with the REX Essential Plus - Now I can trully enjoy simmering with real weather features.
  5. SimForLife

    Support Verification

    Here is my order number in order to get verilfied so I can download the Plus Overdrive SimForLife REX FSX Order # 177144 (The Flight Sim Store)
  6. Hello REX Support: I'm new at this as well I purchased the CD directly from The FlightSimStore on Nov 6 just got it a couple of days ago, uninstalled the previous version of REX Essential and downloaded the new Plus version. Everything has been working find, but now I'm getting strong winds changes after the weather engine as completed it's downloading. Not sure why it's doing this - the plane shifts position by about 5-8 degrees. Also, Im verified so let me know where to go to download the free Overdrive! Regards, SimForLife