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  1. Thanks. Followed those instructions and now have version 3.4.2014.1126 - does that have me up to speed?
  2. Just tried this twice with SP2. No joy. I believe I followed the instructions clearly. However, what is being presented to me by the installer is different from the text in the instructions. I get asked if I want to modify, repair or remove and do not get to browse. Also I just get to select the 'main component'. Any assistance in progressing this further would be great. Thanks.
  3. Just to be clear, I currently have REX Essential with Overdrive installed.
  4. Thanks I don't really mind. Whatever is best or you would recommend. Sorry if that isn't most helpful, been away too long to recall the difference.
  5. First off, sorry if this is posted in the wrong place and second, sorry if the solution is here somewhere as I cannot locate it. I have been away from FSx for sometime. My version of RexE + OD is currently showing as 3.2.2013.0415. What is the upgrade path for this variant to bring me back up to speed? I know the auto updater has been killed which is a shame as it would probably save me posting here and someone having to reply. There also used to be a flowchart - but I haven't found this either. Thanks in advance for the help. System specs: Win 7 SP 1, 64bit, i5-2500k @ 3.3GHz, 16Gb GSkill RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6950 - driver version 14.501.1003.0
  6. I haven't tried tbh. As normally (in the past) I loaded REXE, then FSx, selected the airfield and then once the weather had loaded I would set the weather to 'user defined weather' in FSx and then check that it was showing the correct data for my chosen departure. I can try sitting on the tarmac/fly to see if it loads, but normally the radar would show me at my departure airfield and show the weather loading, helping to confirm I was ready to go. WIll go and test and update. *****UPDATE***** I can report that REXE is successfully loading the weather within a few seconds of placing myself on the tarmac and that it also seems to be injecting the weather during flight, which is good news. The initial radar map does not display until after FSx has loaded and in order to see it I need to task-switch, which is not ideal. Do you have a solution to this issue/will it be patched? Thanks
  7. 1) Yes 2) There is no file in the directory you refer to that is .asm. I have as follows in the screenshot.
  8. Just to add weight to this, I have exactly the same problem - post SP1 update to .0415. Followed the instructions to the letter. Get the screen flickering every couple of seconds as described above and weather fails to load. I have shut down my Firewall and AV software completely and no avail - even though REXE + is enabled and no record of it being blocked in either. Other info as needed follows: 1.) Operating system and version (32bit or 64bit) - Win 7 Pro (Version 6.1.7601), SP1 64 bit 2.) RAM memory size - 16Gb 3.) Video card and memory size - Radeon HD 6950 2Gb 4.) Overclocking? - Yes @ 4.6GHz (as with previous version of REX Essential Plus) 5.) Total hard drive space - Total all PC - 3.8Tb (drive with REX install - 2Tb with 1.32Tb free) 6.) Using REX in a network or not - Not used in a network 7.) Which version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs) - FSx - Version 10.0.61637.0, SP2 8.) Internet connection active or not - Yes. 9.) Which antivirus software running - NOD32 Antivirus 6 (v6.0.308.0), Full license 10.) Whether or not firewall running - ZA Pro (v 11.) Whether or not you are utilizing FSUIPC - Yes, unregistered version 12.) If there are any error logs in the REX/ErrorLogs folder, make certain to include in your post. - None 13.) Is UAC turned OFF in Windows - Off 14.) What folder is REX installed in - F:\Games\FSx\REX Essential Plus (this drive does not contain my OS) 15.) What folder is FSX/P3D installed in - D:\FSx (dedicated SSD) 16.) Do you start REX by RIGHT CLICKING the exe file and selecting RUN AS ADMIN EACH time? No, set to run as administrator. Have also tried using right click 'Run as administrator'. 17.) What is your RATE AT WHICH WEATHER CHANGES OVER TIME set to in FS? - 'No change' 18.) Did you use a flightplan from REX when experiencing the error(s)? No 19.) Did you make changes to the CONFIGURATION screen or are ALL the settings stock? Yes see screenshots below 20.) What are your texture settings within the OPTIONS window? See screenshot below
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