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  1. When you come to that odd sun-splashed meadow in the forest, have a lie down. Might be one of the best things in li… https://t.co/ileoKC2T4J

  2. Depends...will it spontaneously combust? Does it come with a matching crew of paramedics? https://t.co/6pLX5obfQg

  3. RT @Top8Games: THE ACTUAL RISE OF THE MACHINES *Ring* "Hello?" "Are you Sarah Connor?" "No. Who is this?" "Sarah Connor come with us if yo…

  4. RT @jimkchin: Some good info in here on how to help and what the lawsuit means. Grateful to groups like @accessfund for taking a stand: htt…

  5. They don’t. They won’t. https://t.co/cfKmvMG3mr

  6. Hell fu—ing yeah, Cats. Hell yeah. Big time save to defend the house.

  7. RT @jdavis2731: Picture of a snowy Penfield, NY this afternoon @spensgen @whec_rcaniglia @rochester @StormHour @JimCantore @CityRochesterNY…

  8. RT @ESPNBooger: So why is the ref trying to touch Snell ( help him up) ? Does he have to accept it ? 1 of the worst calls of the year by…

  9. RT @WhitefaceNY: A foot of snow has fallen the last few days and more is on the way! https://t.co/Uw9rF3VJ4L #getclose #adirondacks #ADKS h…

  10. “Officially” a 6er today - No. 2282. Thanks to the fine people of Saranac Lake, Mayor Rabideau, and all those who w… https://t.co/Mh6BKBOs3N

  11. Final score: Demons 4, Sabres 1 Cc: @LindyRuffsTie https://t.co/TtMyoRUtDW

  12. Every piece of this Team USA snowboard kit is fantastic. Props @burtonsnowboard on the great design. https://t.co/EZLGHOrGpm

  13. Absolutely! Also, @NYGovCuomo, have these junk cars been examined to verify their condition + content residue is n… https://t.co/u8IKjG094q

  14. RT @ItsDanSheehan: Rick & Morty should do an episode about how Rick's second favorite sauce is Universal Healthcare

  15. @KySportsRadio We now go live to UofL where they are busily trying to contain the news of the day. https://t.co/gaha7Zlve4