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  1. Hello, to those that have this problem in the future: ( TOGA Projects, restore, Blue white, no terrain, no water, error, problem ) So I was not sure who the final culprit was by my own fault. The solution was (in this exact order)... - Delete (back up) Prepared.cfg - Delete the shaders folder - Uninstall P3D client via Windows 10 apps (if asked to un-register click no) - Install client for P3D - Start P3D - I replaced my original Prepar3d.cfg and it all stayed good. This finally did it for me. Consider this post closed. Thank You. Xander
  2. Problem solved by installing SQL separately
  3. Hello, so today I switched from TOGA Projects' ENV-xxx to REX Sky- and Environment Force. I restored from ENVDIR, then uninstalled it, then I installed SF3D and EF last. I should have opened P3D after uninstalling but I didn't. So after the whole process I configured REX and restarted P3D. The problem I have is a complete lack of ground or water texture inP3D. I have left P3D on as long as 15 minutes to see if it generates. But nothing. So far I have tried, - Clearing the Shaders in P3D - Restarting P3D - Repairing P3D - Uninstalling and re-installing content - Uninstalling and re-installing scenery Nothing has worked so far, it just stays a reflective light blue with no terrain. When I completely zoom out from top down view, I see a light blue ball as earth. Anyone have something else I could try? Xander
  4. I am having the exact same issue. Unable to install however I have not gotten the message that I have reached my limit yet. And I am unable to find a separate download for SQL DB 2016 that doesn't require giving my details and having it only for an evaluation period. Help ... Xander
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