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  1. Hi, Does REX allows to download the world weather and save it for future use offline, without an internet connection (on ship).
  2. Hi, When 4096 cloud resolution is selected in REX, is it possible (or not) that FSX freezes during a flight only because TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD is 1024 in FSX.cfg file, instead 4096 ?
  3. I have reinstalled and can now fly again with REX.
  4. Hi, Today, REX refuses to start properly (the first time since more than a month). I have no more storm sound at the beginning. The configuration manager page have lost both the location of the simulator and my profile name. If I click to browse the simulator folder location, nothing happens. Do I have to uninstall/reinstall REX ?
  5. After update from REXE to REXE+, I don't see the name of the cities on the screen. Is it normal ?
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